Chapter Seventeen: Siram I Am Part OneMature

Chapter Seventeen: Siram I Am

      The sky was white.  The trees in the forest were barren, and there was snow all around me.  I was sitting in place cautiously trying to find a way out of this trap.  I felt surrounded, but there was only one animal preying upon me, the wolf.  At this point I was definitely outwitted, but not outran.  I heard the faint sniffing of the predator, and what’s worse is that I smelled the blood on its tongue.  It was out for its next meal, and it definitely wasn’t going to be me. 

      I hopped quickly towards a pile of snow, hoping to camouflage myself before the wolf spotted me.  However, I felt my luck run out when I felt the cold, rough paw of the wolf pin me down into the snow.  I was done.  The animal cackled as I tried to escape from its clutches.  It bared its teeth ferociously.

      “My, don’t you look good enough to eat?”

      I awoke in a cold sweat.  My body was shaking profusely, and I was stuck in a frightened trance.  I abruptly looked around my surroundings, trying to find some familiarity in where I was.  All I knew for now was that I was in a dark room.  I slowly got out of the bed and felt around for a light.  Suddenly I found the light, and as soon as I turned it on I was brought back to my senses.  I was back on the boat again in my room.  I sighed in relief but felt a little parched from that intense dream I had.  Damn I needed a glass of water. 

      In the kitchen, as I was getting water from the tap, I noticed from the small window that the sky was nice coral-blue colour as it was making its transition from nighttime to daytime.  I sat down at the table and took a sip of water.  Relaxed and fully at ease I stared at the ceiling, trying to sort out the events of my dream.  The subject matter of it was just…odd.  I mean, why was I some innocent animal held at the clutches of some ferocious wolf?  That’s just surreal.  Suddenly, while I was still entranced in my thoughts, I heard the sound of a chair being pulled up to the counter, and I looked around to see Parauvin steadying himself on a chair to open up a cabinet.  My apologies, but this sight was quite comical.

      “Why good morning, Parauvin, It’s quite unusual to see you up at the fifth sun,” I said gleefully, stifling a laugh. He disregarded my comment and proceeded to mumble to himself.

      “I’s swear, I don’t understand why you and ‘Dris have to put a man through ‘ell by putting this damned caffee pot on the highest shelf possible!  Not everyone is tall you know, dammit!”  He cursed as he finally was able to grab the pot.  He stepped down from the chair and began to make coffee.  I, who was still trying to suppress my laughter, engrossed myself in a cookbook to see what I wanted to make. 

The End

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