Chapter Sixteen: The Escape Part TwoMature

      I was going to open my mouth to complain, but the thought of Andrias mocking me again stopped me dead in my tracks.  The men slowly started down the hill, and I reluctantly descended with them, hoping that this hike wouldn’t be as long and taxing as I perceive it to be.  Ten minutes or so elapsed, and I wanted to sit down and rest.  I was mentally and physically exhausted.  I needed a good night’s rest.  However, the men seemed as if they were ready to conquer anything and continued down the path, not even bothering to stop.  Again, I reluctantly pulled myself together and took one for the team.  When we finally got down to the city, I was practically dead.  I couldn’t move fast enough, and everything seemed foggy.  The duo had to stop at least three times to allow me to catch up, but after the first time Andrias had had enough.

      “Well since you can’t bring yourself to move, I guess I’ll have to carry you, girlie.” He groaned.  Placing me on his back over his backpack, he hoisted me up, and the two of them walked off to the harbor.  I was trying to keep awake as we were walking, but my sight was beginning to foggy.  I couldn’t see anything.  Everything was all a blur.

      “Andrias, a-ar-are we close?” I asked, my mind toggling between being a sleep and awake.  He kept on walking and didn’t even bother to answer my question.

      “Just go the sleep girlie.  We’ll see you on the high seas.” He responded.  I notice their movements slow down, and they stopped at a gate.  Suddenly I saw the gem sparkle slightly, and I looked around to see where we were.  Alas, we were at the harbor, and when we finally got to our boat, I knew that at this moment all was right with the world, and I drifted off to sleep.


The End

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