Chapter Fifteen: The Exit Part OneMature

Chapter Fifteen: The Exit

      As I watched Parauvin go in and out of the bathroom with all sorts of interesting liquids and powders, I felt my abdomen churn with nervousness.  What if this didn’t work and I end up with permanently blue hair?  Oh my heavens that would be excruciatingly embarrassing!  When he was done dumping all of the contents into the bathtub, he came out of the bathroom and instructed me to go bathe in the concoction and for me to make sure that my hair would be washed with it as well.  I waltzed into the bathroom slowly, being bombarded by the strong scent created by this potion. 

      I proceeded with caution, noticing that the putrid smell became stronger and stronger.  I wanted to puke, but at the same time I knew this would be beneficial for us all.

      After taking all the necessary measures to prepare myself for the bath, I put the gem on the edge of the tub and slowly put my toe in to check the temperature of the concoction and to test if it was totally safe for me to sit in.  Luckily my toe didn’t burn off, and I decided to sit into the tub.  As I slowly scrubbed my hair with the concoction, I lurched at how thick and slimy the concoction felt against my scalp.  Finally, after what felt like hours of scrubbing my hair and body, I rinsed myself off with water and quickly hopped out of the tub, remembering to put my gem back on in the process.   Too afraid to see if my hair colour was fully changed, I wrapped my hair in a towel, put on a silk robe and marched out of bathroom.  Parauvin was writing a letter at the table, and I noticed a squirt bottle filled with another strange liquid next to him.  He pointed to the chair with his non writing hand.

      “Sit here.” He said roughly, his eyes fixed onto the bottle.  I cautiously sat down, and he put the pen down, sealed the letter and left it on the table with someone’s name on it.  He thrusted my chin up and placed his hand at the base of it to keep it steady.  I winced at his forcefulness.  When I noticed that the squirt bottle nozzle was merely a centimeter away from my right eye I tried to squirm away.  Oh Piem, I can’t stand eye drops!

      “Parauvin, are these drops going to hurt because I honestly can’t stand the feeling of eye drops!” I whined, sounding much like a little child.  He scoffed at this.

      “Suck it up.” He responded coldly.  He gave my right eye two drops of the solution, and I squeaked at the pain, hoping that this wasn’t going to induce blindness.  He did the same for my left eye and told me to close them.  Tears welled up as I was trying to keep my thoughts off of the sting of the eye drops.  Five minutes later, he told me to open my eyes and look into the mirror, and boy was I shocked by what I saw.

The End

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