Chapter Fourteen: Madame Pasil's Part FiveMature

“So, according to this poster we should send her back to Cheul, eh?” Andrias said quietly while feeling his chin hair with his hand.  Parauvin nodded.

      “Ah yes, we should.  Those 30,000 gold chebans would come in handy, ‘Dris.  Just imagine what we could do wi-”

      “We’re keeping her.”  Parauvin’s face expressed pure shock.  He was disgusted by Andrias’ response.

      “For the love of Piem, Andrias!  That money equates to 300,000 Kralphinian gems.  That’s enough to get back Lars and buy your way to finding your parents!”  He interjected.  Andrias still shook his head in disagreement.

      “No, we’re keeping her.  I’m certain she’s the missing link to what we’re trying to get.  We thought your niece was the missing link, but I know that Maris is the one.”  He said.  Am I really nothing more than just a pawn in a quest to find something?!  You have got to be kidding me. 

      Before I could even open my mouth, Parauvin huffed.

      “I’m so sick of you holding onto these… broads just because you want a play thing.  No one knows if this scheme of yours is bound to work, and as far as my niece goes it’s not my fault that you’s said that you were going to marry her, and then you left.  This is why we’re in this mess now!  You’re always trying to run away from the bigger picture, ‘Dris!  Just turn the girl in, take the money and go find your family!”  Andrias still didn’t budge.

      “We’re keeping Maris.  End of discussion.  Now I suggest you conjure up a plan for us to get this boat back tonight and fast.”  He responded, going over to his things and packing them up.  Parauvin huffed silently while he paced angrily.  I was still sitting on the couch and hoping that someone (other than me since I was completely dazed) would be able to come up with an idea to get us out of here.  Suddenly, Parauvin stopped dead in his tracks as if he had a grand idea.

      “Crikey!  I’s got it!  But it entails for some low grade disguise spells… meaning that Maris would have a different hair and eye colour for about a week.” He suggested.  I looked at him as if he had gone mad.

      “What do you mean a different hair and eye colour?  Please don’t tell me we’re dying my hair an unnatural colour such as sea foam green or a blue and then giving me violet eyes to boot!  If that’s the case then I’d rather be returned to Cheul than look like a freak!” I protested.  I, Maris Varroue, wouldn’t be caught dead with blue hair. Ever!

      “I’s can assure you, girlie, that you’s won’t look like a demented sea sprite.  Rest assured you’s will still be presentable.  Now, are you in this or not?”

      “I guess if I really want to avoid my so-called fiancé.  Alright, let’s get this party started then.” 

      Oh Piem, I just hope this is all for the better good.

The End

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