Chapter Fourteen: Madame Pasil's Part FourMature

“Parauvin, whatever is the matter?” I whispered.  He gulped.

      “Lassie, neither ‘Dris nor you know this but in the banquet hall and around town I’s heard things.”  He looked around for any questionable people and then looked me dead in the eyes.   Something tells me that something grave is going on.

      “What have you heard? Tell me!” He gulped again and scratched nervously at his skin.

      “ ‘Orrible things I’ve heard. ‘Orrible.  Come!  We’s must tell ‘Dris at once!”  He grabbed me by the hand, and we quickly walked into the banquet hall. 

      At the table, Andrias was munching at what appeared to be his third rain droplet candy and sipping on some plum wine.  Parauvin tapped his shoulder and motioned for him to follow us.  Reluctantly he put down his candies and followed us.   Finally after walking around the hotel for a while we went into Parauvin’s room, which was filled with bags and bags of magical ingredients.  He closed and locked the door quickly, making sure that no one could get into the room.

      Parauvin began to pace wildly and nervously as Andrias was reclined back in a chair, and I was lying down on the couch.

      “ ‘Dris,” he began frantically yet quietly, “We must get the boat!  Tonight!”  He growled.  Andrias looked at him with confusion.

      “What the ‘ell do you mean, tonight?!  They said that the boat wouldn’t be done until sometime before the lantern lighting tomorrow night!  I know you’re aching to get this treasure but honestly we have to wait for the bloody boat to be finished!”  he responded, seeming a bit buzzed from all that wine.  Parauvin shook his head.

      “The thing about the boat you just said is a fligging lie!  The boat is ready!  They’re delaying us so that they can find evidence!” he blasted.  Andrias and I looked at him in utter confusion.  Evidence?  What in the world is he referring to?

      “Parauvin, what do you mean by evidence?” I asked.  He paused for a second and then looked at me with cold eyes.

      “You,” he began harshly, his whole being was overcome by anger “it’s you.  You’s told us that you were married.  You never told us that you’s were a fugitive of your city and that you were engaged!  Now there are posters and rumors floating around about you being here, and as a matter of fact, I’s was able to get one of those wanted posters.”  He stopped his angry rant and dug through his pockets, pulling out a folded piece of paper.  He hurriedly opened it up and cleared his throat.  “Wanted,” he began, “Miss Maris Arianna Varroue for the disobedience of Decree 501.  Any person, ahem, or persons that find her must immediately capture her and send her back to Cheul.  The reward is 30,000 gold chebans and is subject to change.”  I was stunned.  There I was just standing in place with a shocked look on my face.  I didn’t know what to say or do.  Al I could think of was waiting for my response in silence. 

The End

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