Chapter Fourteen: Madame Pasil's Part ThreeMature

“Well, Parauvin, Andrias and Maris, I would like to introduce and re-introduce to you gentlemen my daughter, Lana.” She chimed.  Lana bowed gracefully and placed herself next to me.  Andrias motioned for the twins to let him be as his eyes were focused on the Kantroan beauty.  She batted her eyelashes playfully at him.

      “It is nice to meet you, gentleman, and it is nice to see you again as well, Maris.” She said softly.  The men nodded, and Andrias nodded as he watched her every move like a wolf stalking a snow hare.  Suddenly as I also noticed her choose a dessert I thought it would be the perfect time to ask her what each one was.

      “Lana, what do each of these desserts represent?” I asked inquisitively.  She smiled.

      “Since it is the night before the Lotus Lantern Festival, we have four different desserts that symbolize different things.  The circular, small cake with powdered sugar on top is a lunar cake.  It is eaten by one who desires happiness and good health.  The golden disk is a cookie that symbolizes financial prosperity, and this small box of rain droplet candies symbolizes spiritual cleansing.  Lastly, and most importantly, this lotus pod cake represents purity, marriage and fertility.  It has been said that if one eats one of these treats and brings it to the Temple of Bhaav, the goddess of nature, he or she will be blessed with their desire.  This has been a tradition for thousands of years.”  Wow, that’s interesting.  I find it fascinating that a mere cake or cookie could be symbolic of something more than its worth.

      “Wow, that’s interesting.  You know so much about this practice.” I said, taking a lunar cake.  She chuckled.

      “Yes, I know.  Being that I am the oracle for Bhaav, I have to be as knowledgeable in these practices as possible.” She responded.  My eyes widened.  Wow, I met a real, living oracle; in the flesh.

      “Wow!  What’s it like to be an oracle?  Is it taxing?”  I asked, taking a bite of the cake.  Delicious.

      “At times it can be very frustrating.  On holy days I can only reside in the temple, fasting and meditating for the whole day, and also, I must heal people and give them prophecies and oversee the land.  It’s very difficult, but without this gem my work would be much harder.” My eyes widened as she showed me the glowing gem on her wrist.  I briefly glanced at my gem, and it too, was glowing.  I then decided to keep this conversation more low-key, so I pulled Lana outside to have a discussion with her about this.

      “So this gem of yours has magical powers that help you with certain things?” I asked her, all the while mentally putting the pieces together.  She nodded.

      “Yes, but it primarily has abilities that pertain to nature.  For example, a tree may be dying, so the gem allows me to revive it.  It also helps me to make magical, herbal remedies for the sick.” 

      “Do only oracles have these gems?” I asked, grasping the amulet in my hand.  She gave a puzzled look to the sky.

      “I’m not too sure about that, but the only thing I’m certain of is that you’re either an oracle or cho-”

      “Psst!  Maris!  Maris, over here!” I heard a voice whisper from a nearby bush.  I excused myself from the conversation and told Lana to go back in the banquet hall and that I would catch up with her in a moment.  I walked over to the bush and was roughly pulled in.  I brushed myself off and saw that it was Parauvin.

The End

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