Chapter Fourteen: Madame Pasil's Part TwoMature

Everyone looked towards the direction of the sound as a short and plump yet beautiful woman walked down a small set of steps and into the middle of the mess hall.  She had on golden and red robes adorned with golden flower petals.  The woman’s hair was twisted into fancy knots that went beautifully with her red, painted lips.  And as the woman sauntered by the tables, everyone, even Andrias and especially Parauvin, was captivated by her beauty and her wonderful, floral scent. 

      The woman stopped in her place and cleared her throat, making sure that she caught everyone’s attention. 

      “Good Evening!  Welcome to Madame Pasil’s!  I, of course, am Madame Pasil, and I hope that you enjoy our annual Pre-Lotus Lantern Festival Feast.  Please, enjoy yourselves!”  The crowd gave a boisterous round of applause as Madame Pasil floated from table to table.  I saw Parauvin’s eyes widen with sheer excitement.  He sighed heavily as she approached our table.  For a moment, Madame Pasil and Parauvin stared into each other’s eyes, the intense gaze not faltering, but after some seconds elapsed, the two of them captured each other in a warm embrace; an embrace so strong that it was obvious what kind of relationship they were in. 

      “Mingzhu, it’s been too long.” He said as he let go, pecking her softly on the cheek.  She giggled and smiled back at him.

      “Yes it has been.  For the past two years I’ve been saving those letters, hoping that you would return, and here you are back in my life again.”  She responded.  She placed herself beside him, grasped his hand softly and began to speak.  As the duo was reminiscing of old times, Andrias looked at me with a devilish smile, all the while the twins were still giggling away on his lap.  I cringed on the inside.  I hope he isn’t insinuating anything… suggestive.  To get his lustful stare out of my thoughts, I began to munch at a rice cake, praying that dessert would be served momentarily.  He noticed this gesture and chuckled softly while bringing his attention back to the girls.     

      Suddenly, the gong struck again, and waiters rushed out the kitchen with trays piled high with cakes, cookies and confectionaries of all kinds.  The twins squealed excitedly as they both reached for a small, round powdered cake, while Andrias watched the men continue to efficiently stock every table with sweets.  Not knowing what to choose, I pondered over the desserts until Lana, who was now clothed in a bright green and white robe, stood beside me.  Madame Pasil perked up a little.

The End

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