Chapter Fourteen: Madame Pasil's Part OneMature

Chapter Fourteen: Madame Pasil’s


      As I stood there in disgust, Andrias and Parauvin were off at the bar looking at all the girls and salivating.  Great, not only am I stuck in a “red hotel” for a week, I’m stuck with a pair of wild, hormonal men!  Suddenly the woman at the bar gestured for them to follow her.  They got up from their stools and walked off to only Piem knows where.  Five minutes later, another woman, clad in an obscenely short dress motioned for me to stand up and follow her.  I was a little… skeptical at first due to the way she walked and was dressed, but when she showed me to a nicely decorated and serene room my anxiety was soon overcome. 

The room made me feel like I was at home again.  The walls, like my own, were covered with blue paint, and the walls had several pictures of seascapes and mermaids.  I was in heaven.

I plopped onto the blue bed and stretched myself out.  Fingering the gem on my neck, I thought about the journey thus far and frowned.  Even though I am quite happy to be away from Cheul and away from my old, mundane life, I am still not too happy with the way things are going now.  It seems as if I’m starting to be a burden to them, and I don’t want to interfere with their travels; but at the same time all I want to do is sail around and explore the world.  I’m torn between two worlds, and I don’t know where I belong just yet. But for now, I think I’m going to go take a swim to get my mind off of things.

The pool was teeming with beautiful women lounging around in provocative swimwear with their clients.  Though I felt a bit uncomfortable in this setting, I still was quite thankful for relaxing water.  While I was kicking my feet in the water, I noticed that the other women were eying me curiously.

Suddenly a woman with a white bathing suit came up and sat beside me.  She looked at me square in the face and then cleared her throat.

“Hello,” she began, her native accent breezing through the word, “my name is Lana.  What is your name?” she asked, trying to speak the universal language slowly yet proficiently.  I smiled softly at Lana and bowed.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.  My name is Maris.” I responded.  The two of us continued the conversation, which was mostly me telling her a tall tale of about how Andrias, Parauvin and I were sailing about the ocean until a terrible storm put a hole in the boat and we stopped in Kantro to get it repaired. 

Lana gave me a sympathetic smile and rubbed my shoulders.

“Well, I assume that you will be leaving soon.  Your friend, Andrias, just sent out a request form to get the hole repaired, and the ship repairer is already at the boat inspecting the damage.  For now, I welcome you to Hanachi Springs, and I hope you enjoy your brief stay.” She chimed as she slipped into the water.  Suddenly, I noticed a peculiar, glimmering, green bracelet around her wrist as sank into the pool.  After looking at her bracelet, I noticed that my gem began to glimmer as well.  Though I felt that this was quite a peculiar occurrence, I shrugged it off and went back to basking in the sun. Maybe it’s just the water.


      At dinner time we were all sitting in a large yet ornate mess hall.  There was a large selection the finest Kantroan delicacies upon the table.  Not knowing where to begin, I took some rice, vegetables and curried seafood and just pigged out.  Andrias, on the other hand, was whispering sweet nothings to two women that were sitting on his lap (they seemed to be twins), and Parauvin was just in his own little world drinking plum wine.  Suddenly, a gong rang through the hall, and everyone became quiet. 

The End

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