Chapter Thirteen: En Kantro Part TwoMature

      After fifteen minutes of riding in silence he stopped us by a wilderness trail.  He dropped us and our stuff off, and went back in the opposite direction.  The trail that we stood in front of led into a grove of string-like green trees.  Andrias and Parauvin grabbed a few things and started off into it.  I slowly followed them into it, admiring every nook and cranny of it.  There were several flowers and plants were unique and pretty.  As we continued down the path, the grove became thicker and darker.  The duo continued forward while I trudged behind them, frightened.  Parauvin groaned at the sound of my scared whimpers while Andrias just laughed.

      “Oh, are you ok, girlie?  Someone needs there blanket and teddy, don’t they?”  He mocked.  I cursed to myself.

      “No, I’m fine.  You’re probably the one that’s quaking in your boots because you’re scared.  Hey, when are we getting out of here anyway?”  I asked while looking around the dark.  He laughed.

      “We have at least two miles to go before we reach Hanachi Springs.  I suggest you adjust to the dark, girlie.”  He responded.  I sighed while we continued to walk. 


      About an hour later we reached a clearing where there was a split in the trail.   One sign, with odd lettering on it went one way, and another sign was posted on the other.  Parauvin read both signs and lead us through the right way.  We walked through yet another grove until we ended on the edge of a cliff.  We were surrounded by beauty.  There were waterfalls all around, and at the bottom of them was a valley and lakes that surrounded a city.  I marveled at the sight of the city against the panoramic backdrop of beauty and mist.  I was excited about reaching this city but the question was how. 

      “How in great heavens are we going to get down there?”  I asked.   They both laughed.

      “Easy, we have to climb down.  Maris, get the rope ladder, hammer and large nails from out of the bag.”   Andrias ordered.  I handed him the materials he needed and he got to work.  He nailed down one edge of the ladder and threw the rest down.  It barely touched the edge of a rock down below.  He grabbed the stuff and climbed down, and Parauvin followed suit.  I on the other hand was reluctant about climbing down but slowly did so anyway. 

      When we got to the city we decided to stay at what the boys said were called a “red hotel”.  We arrived at one called Madame Pasil’s Red Hotel and Restaurant.  Now, from the outside, this looked way different from any hotel I’ve seen.  It was too ornate for words.  It had flashing red lanterns, beautiful girls going in and out, and lines of men coming and going as well.  Entering the place was a mess as well.  Inside there were people sitting and talking, drinking and flirting.  Women in beautiful robes would take men in and out of rooms.  Andrias and Parauvin looked around excitedly.  I grimaced.  Yes, we’re in a harem.    

The End

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