Chapter Thirteen: En Kantro Part OneMature

Chapter Thirteen: En Kantro

      “So it looks like we have to stop in Kantro now.  We don’t have a choice,” Andrias groaned.  He reclined back onto the couch.  Parauvin gave me an extremely dirty look.

      “Well, we don’t know how long the plug is gonna hold.  I don’t know what she plugged it with!”  he yelled.  “Any explanations?”  At this point I knew I had to speak, but I was too afraid to.  I swallowed nervously. 

      “I, uh, used this spongy thing on the table to plug it up,”  I stammered.  Parauvin’s face grew red again.

            “You idiot!  Not only did you make me put a hole in the boat you also plugged it with my binding stone!  I use that to make potions and dusts not to plug freakin leaks!  Ugh, women are so useless!  ‘Dris, again, I’s told you we should have left ‘er in Cheul, but you wanted her to come for whatever reason.  From now on if I ever see her downstairs she will be sold off!”  He screamed.  The impish man trudged off to Piem knows where, leaving me with Andrias.  He chuckled.

      “Seems like you’ve been rackin’ up some debt, girlie.  Looks like you and I are gonna get real  acquainted  in Kantro.”  His smile was wide and vicious.  I looked at him in aggravation.  He’s right, I am gonna have hell to pay.  He got off the couch and pulled me away with him.  We both went up to the deck to get ready to dock the boat.

      The weather was quite nice today.  The sun was shining, the ocean breeze was cool and refreshing and the water was a beautiful blue.  Andrias handed me the telescope and instructed me to go up to the crow’s nest and tell him if I see land and what it looked like if I did.  I nodded nervously, knowing that I was terrified of heights.   Climbing up the ladder was brutally scary.  I kept looking down and getting more afraid.  When I finally got to the top I was relieved but was contemplating the dreadful downward climb.  Andrias looked up to see me standing there motionless.

      “What are you waiting for, Maris?  Look through the damn scope!”  He yelled.  I snapped back to my senses and looked through the telescope.  I saw land ahead, mountainous land.  The rest of the land looked very green and misty.  I relayed this to him, and he continued to steer the boat straight.  Less than a half hour later we were ready to dock. 

      When we arrived at the docking area there was a small sea town called Ban’s Harbor.  The people, language and buildings looked quite foreign.  The people were somewhat short, had dark hair and small, thin dark eyes.  The buildings look very ornate and universal.  The language was something completely foreign to me.  I knew nothing of what was on the signs or what the people were saying.  Andrias and Parauvin were pushing through people, arguing about taking a thing called a rickshaw.  I was struggling with some stuff that they asked me to carry.  We got to the rickshaw station or whatever it’s called and waited for one.  Finally a man running with a cart came to pick us up.  He took the stuff from my hands and put it on the underside of the cart, and he then helped me into the cart.  The other to piled in, each of them one side of him, and then we pulled off.  The man asked us a question, and Parauvin answered him.  The man answered him.  

The End

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