Chapter Twelve: Blood Signings and Black Magic Part TwoMature


      This is getting ridiculous.  Lately these orders have been quite outlandish.  He now wants me to feed him grapes while he’s lying down on the sofa, or he wants me to give him a back massage.  He’s even asks me to wash his back. 

      Today we were sitting in the study, and Parauvin and Andrias were deciding on the first place to dock.

      “’Dris we should bypass Kantro.  There’s nothing there that we need to look at.  We’ve been there countless times before.”  Parauvin stated while observing a map.  Andrias shook his head in agreement.

      “Yeah, let’s just continue onward to Minerva.  We have a few errands to run there.  Stopping in Kantro would only slow the process.”  He responded.  I looked around in confusion.

      “Well, I’m going to go down stairs and make some more Polvo del Diablo.  I’ll see you’s later.”  Parauvin left the room and went into the basement.  After he left I tried to sneak out of the room, but Andrias noticed this and grabbed me by my middle.  I shuttered.

      “Listen,” he whispered behind me, “when this boat is docked, you are going to show me how it’s done, and you know what I mean by that.  I want to get down to the bottom of this gem thing.”  He pushed me away roughly, and I scuffled out of the room.  After this occurrence, I decided to go see what Parauvin was up to.  I wondered what Polvo del Diablo was and went downstairs to the basement.

      The basement was filled with odd smells, fogs and sounds.  The room was enshrouded by I thick, foul smog.  I heard Parauvin coughing heavily.  I walked towards his sounds and saw that he was standing in front of a table concocting some sort dark ruby dust.  He picked up another vile and began to swirl it intently.  I approached him and tapped on his shoulder.

      “Hi, Parauvin!  What are you up to?”  He spun around abruptly, and the vile went flying and hit the wall with a loud explosion.  Parauvin and I quickly ducked down.  There was dust everywhere!  I couldn’t see a thing!  I suddenly rose up and heard the sound of a large leak.  I looked towards the wall and saw water seeping in.  The explosion was large enough to damage the boat!  I quickly found a large and absorbent object and plugged the hole with it.  Parauvin arose after, his face redder than a pepper.

      “You stupid broad!  Do you’s know what you have just done?!  Son of a bitch, you’s almost blew up the damn boat!  Out, NOW!”  He erupted.  I ran upstairs to my room without any hesitation.  I closed the door, and I heard Parauvin stamping up to the deck and conversing with Andrias.  A few minutes later Andrias came down and entered my room.  Yep, this is definitely strike two for me.

The End

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