Chapter Twelve: Blood Signings and Black Magic Part OneMature

Chapter Twelve: Blood Signings and Black Magic

      Back on the boat the three of us sat on the deck tired and out of breath.  Andrias’ countenance was nothing but pissed.  He looked at me dead in the eye.

      “You stupid wench!  I told you not to join us because you’ll make more trouble for us then helping us!  You almost got us killed back there!”  he shouted.  Parauvin hopped up and went down into the hull.  I sat there motionless and silent.  Andrias growled beastly in anger and kicked a barrel down.  I cleared my throat.

      “I’m sorry that I caused you trouble, however the same stupid wench that supposedly caused you much trouble and strife was the same stupid wench that saved you yet again, so I think I deserve an apology and a thank you for getting you out of a shitty situation yet again.”  I yelled.  I felt great for finally getting my anger out on him yet again, but I felt bad because I cursed.  Young ladies aren’t supposed to use profanity.

      He didn’t respond.  All he did was gesture for me to leave.  Knowing that I won the battle, I went downstairs to make something to eat for dinner.


      While I had the pots steaming and boiling away on the stove I was standing in front of a counter reading the next step in a recipe.  Parauvin was reading an unknown book that looked rather suspicious.  Two minutes later I looked up from the recipe book, and Parauvin was nowhere to be found.  I went back to reading the book.  Suddenly I felt like someone pushed me onto the counter.  My back was against the wall, and my hands were held together above my head.  I look up, and Andrias and I were face to face.  I became extremely uncomfortable as his lips coiled into a devilish grin.  He brought his lips closer to my ear.  I didn’t want to know what he was going to do next.  He chuckled at my reaction.  “I know how you control water now.  That gem of yours is the cause of it,” he whispered huskily.  “I’ll cut you a deal, girlie.  If you do what I tell you to, then I won’t tell Parauvin about your secret because he will sell you in a heartbeat if he ever found out.” He said.  I looked at him in terror dead in the eyes.  He shifted, making me feel more awkward.


      “It’s a deal,” I gasped.  He laughed heartily and hopped away from me.  As he started off to his room he turned back to me one final time.

      “Hey Maris, the foods gonna burn if you don’t hurry to it.”  I snapped back to my senses.  I rushed over to the stove to finish the dinner.

The End

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