Chapter Eleven: Joppstown Jive Part TwoMature

      “Yeah, you bet your smartass you’re staying on this boat.  If I even see you I’m going to hurt you.  Got that?”  He sputtered, his dark brown pupils scarily darkening.  I said nothing and shook my head in agreement.  He got up from his chair, threw his dirty dishes into my face and went upstairs to ready the ship for docking. 


      After the boys left I had nothing to do.  I didn’t feel like listening to music or reading a book, and I didn’t want to take up a new hobby, so I began to think of the ways I could sneak into town without them noticing me.  It took me a few minutes at first to come up with a plan, but when I did I went into Andrias’ room to get some clothes.  I tucked my hair under a light cap.  I bandaged my breasts to make them appear smaller and somewhat “masculine”, and I put on a pair of his knickers, which were quite baggy on me, and a blue v-neck.  I approached the mirror to adjust myself.  I smiled and then tucked the gem into my shirt.  Then I went out onto the dock.

      You see, Joppstown is not as jazzy, if you will, as I thought it was.  It’s eccentric in its own right, but it’s very… blah.  The buildings look like decrepit heaps of straw awnings and clay, the walls are very monochrome, and the people’s faces are blank, pale and appear to show stress and fatigue.  Stepping out onto the street looking refreshed, freshly tanned and happy, I, again, felt out of place.  As I walked up the street I began to look for the guys.  I checked the tavern first, but I did not find them.  Then I looked through a general store, but they were still nowhere to be found.  Suddenly, as I stepped out of the store I heard a loud crash and a long string of curses in a different language.  I could have sworn the voice sounded like Parauvin.  I ran into that direction, hoping that I could find them before something troublesome happened.  Luckily the duo was in a map shop as they originally planned.  When I got near the hut I saw Parauvin and the merchant were both arguing at each other while Andrias was placing several different maps into his satchel.  What a tag team! 

      “Listen you son of a bitch, you don’t have anything in here that’s worth the prices you’re asking for!  I’s know a bargain when I’s sees one.  And this ain’t a bargain!  Thirty troupolos for a map to help you get to Kantro, which is not even far from here; that’s a rip off!  You should be ashamed!”  Parauvin squealed.  The merchant raised his voice at him even more and they continued to argue.

      “Well if you don’t like it then you and your son can get the hell out of my shop before I get guardsmen to kick you out!”  The merchant yelled.  Parauvin gave him a dirty look and motioned for Andrias to leave with him.  Their exit was running smoothly.  All they had to do was leave and make a mad dash for the boat.  As left, Andrias bumped into me, and one of the maps fell out.  The merchant saw the map on the floor and began to scream for the guardsmen.  Andrias pushed me out of the way, not even noticing that it was me.  He and Parauvin began to run off.  Minutes later guardsmen came into the hut and then left to find the two.  I followed after the guardsmen knowing that this is my time to shine.

      Again Parauvin and Andrias were cornered.  The guardsmen surrounded them with guns and fetters, ready to arrest them.  The duo looked around for certain things to get them out of the sticky situation but to no avail, it was too risky.  I knew I had to think fast before they would be arrested.  I looked around for ample opportunities.  Luckily there was a woman with a pail of water walking slowly past us.  I quickly lunged at the pail and without speaking the gem glimmered and swept the water from the pail up.  The guardsmen looked up as the water came down on them in a dome.  Parauvin dashed through them towards the boat.  Andrias ran through, picked me up, and then followed Parauvin.

The End

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