Chapter Eleven: Joppstown Jive Part OneMature

Chapter Eleven: Joppstown Jive

      Morning came with nothing but excitement.  The three of us were just aching to get off the boat and explore.  Well, at least I was.  We’ve been sailing for about a week now, and I was starting to get seasick.  As we were eating a hearty breakfast of eggs, oatmeal and ham, we discussed the game plan for today.

      “We’re going to steal maps from Maurai.  I’s know he took our gems before, ‘Dris.  I’s know.”  Parauvin said while chewing his food.  I tried not to be repulsed by this.

      “Yeah, he probably did steal them.  Listen, we’re gonna go as we are and act as if we’re turning a new leaf with him, and as you argue with him about the prices of the maps I’ll steal the ones that are important and go.  How’s that sound?”  Andrias responded with a full mouth.  I guess they both just neglect manners in general.

      “Yeah, but how does girlie fall into this equation?  What is she going to do?”  Andrias looked at me.

      “She’ll stay on the boat.  If we brought her along she would only get in the way!”   My face turned hot in anger.  I slammed my fist down on the table, but too hard.  I rubbed my hand while looking him dead in the eye with disgust.

      “I may be a young woman, but I am not dead weight!  I can actually be of much help to you.  If it weren’t for me we wouldn’t have this damn boat anyway!  I am sick of you treating me like I am some child!  Now since you obviously know what’s best for me I’ll stay on the boat, but when you get back from having your fun don’t expect me to cook anything else or clean or do anything women do because I’m not going to!  If you’re so great and know exactly what you’re doing you can do it yourself!”  I shouted.  Damn I feel great, but I feel kind of bad too.  Andrias looked like he was about to wring my neck, but he resisted the urge.

The End

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