Chapter Ten: Stella Maris Part ThreeMature

      “The name’s Andrias Medina.  I’m eighteen, I like sailing, playing games, good music and fine women.  I have one younger brother named Lars, who I’ve heard is in an orphanage.  I haven’t seen my parents in the last eleven years, but I have heard that they were still living but in a different part of Kralphinia.  Oh and I’m a Kralphinian Radical.  It’s just a nicer way to say I’m an impoverished rebel.”  His life seemed depressing.  Here I am complaining about fake best friends and marrying someone I didn’t like, and this kid doesn’t even know where his family is!  Man I have it much better.

      “You’ll find your family again.  Trust me.”  I patted him softly on the back.  We stared into each other’s eyes intently.  Something compelled me to capture him in a soft kiss, but I stopped myself before I could execute the action.  This is quite scary.  I’ve only met the guy a few days ago, but I already feel the desire to kiss him.  “Well, I guess I’ll head off to bed now.  Have a good night.”  Blushing, I went down to my room and prepared for bed. 


The End

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