Chapter Ten: Stella Maris Part TwoMature

      “I’s suppose we eat now.  I’s apologize for his behavior and our dirtiness.”  Parauvin stated softly.  Andrias broke away from his grip and stormed out of the galley with his bowl.  Meanwhile, Parauvin and I sat in the kitchen eating in silence.


      Night came, and the three of us were all sitting in the entertainment room listening to music and the news.  Andrias was sitting in a revolving recliner facing away from us while I was lying on the carpeted floor, and Parauvin was lying half-asleep on the couch.  To avoid an awkward situation with just Andrias and me sitting together, I decided to keep Parauvin up for as long as possible.  I first tried a random conversation to catch him off guard. 

      “Hey Parauvin,” I started, “do you know where you guys plan to stop first?”  I asked casually.  He cleared his throat.

      “I’s was thinking about Joppstown because Joppstown is close, and we need to buy a couple of things before we start doing what we planned to do.”  At this point I was confused.  What is their plan anyway?  What are they even looking for? 

      “What’s in Joppstown?  I’ve never heard of Joppstown before.”  Andrias shifted in his seat.  

      “Joppstown is a resource town.  A resource town is a place where all sailors stop to pick up things before a long journey or, depending on where you sailing from, during a long journey.  In our case, it’s our first stop before the real sailing begins.”  He grumbled.  Parauvin mumbled something incoherent and drifted off to sleep.  Andrias and I were still sitting there.  I was contemplating apologizing to him, but then he ran up to the deck to change the direction of the boat.

      I followed him up to try to reason with him.  Though I knew that I didn’t initiate the conflict, I still felt guilty about my actions.  Andrias’ back was facing towards me as he was steering the boat.  I gulped and stepped toward him.  He sighed.

      “Why the hell did you follow me up here?  Go back downstairs and make dinner or something.”  He snapped.  I resisted the urge to snap back and kept calm.

      “I came up here to apologize for slapping you.  I acted completely out of character, and I hope you accept my apology.”  He paused and turned around slowly.  Something seemed mellow and soft about him.  He had a small smile on his face, and his eyes were low. 

      “No,” he swooned, “I should be the one apologizing to you.  I called you something that I shouldn’t have called you, and I deserve the slap.  Damn you really have a strong hand.”  We both laughed at this.  I looked up at the stars in the night sky and marveled at the beautiful patterns they were in.  The night sky painted a picture of complete tranquility and bliss against the azure water.  The other boats afloat in the water looked like misty orbs of light.  For some reason, noticing the scenery made me feel mysteriously complacent and whole.  Then the amulet started to glow.  Andrias then observed it.

      “Why is that thing glowing?”  I looked at him.  

      “It’s merely just reflecting the light off the water,” I chuckled nervously.  I didn’t want him to know what was happening.  He looked at it suspiciously.

      “Hey, what’s up with you?  I feel like we still haven’t gotten fully acquainted.” 

      “Yeah, you’re right.  My name’s Maris Varroue.  I’m sixteen years old, and I like to read, draw maps, swim occasionally and I’m intrigued by the ocean.  My used-to-be best friend’s name is Palvia Frontanis, last name by marriage, but she hates me now.  I have an older brother named Airen and an older sister named Katel.  What’s your life like?”  I answered.  He reclined back against the wheel.

The End

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