Chapter Ten: Stella Maris Part OneMature

Chapter Ten: Stella Maris

      In all of the sixteen years of my life, I've never seen a boat this fantastic. The deck of the ship was quite standard, you know, the stuff that you would find on a regular ship. However, when you actually go down into the main part of the ship, it's as if you're in a house again.  The bedrooms were large, beautifully decorated and clean.  The galley was fit for a king's chef, and the dining room could hold at least twenty people.  The resting area was filled with bookcases and decor, and the entertainment room had everything you could think of.  I'm happy that I actually was able to get this boat.

       After we picked rooms, Parauvin and Andrias decided to set sail.  They went up on the deck while I stayed down to make lunch.  Great.  Not only do I not know how to cook, I also didn't know how to operate a stove.  I looked around in the galley for a recipe book and hopefully the instructions to operating the stove.  I found a cookbook but still had trouble finding the instructions.

      "Oh Piem.  Why am I the one whose luck always runs out?" I grumbled.  After giving up on looking for the instructions, I decided to take matters into my own hands: I wanted to start the stove on my own.   I first looked up an easy recipe. Luckily I found it and decided to get all the ingredients out.  After that I tackled with turning on the stove.

        Now this stove was quite different from the one back at home.  This stove was what they called "automatic" meaning that you didn't have to prime it with fire wood in order for it to burn.  It was connected to gas.  Instinctively I turned the knob and fire appeared from the burner.  Excited and relieved, I put the pot on the stove and began to cook the soup.
      An hour after we had set sail, the boys came back downstairs to eat.  They were both hot and sweaty, and I couldn’t help but be disgusted by their griminess.

      “Uh guys, you can’t come to the table dirty.  Please go wash up.”  I asked.  They disregarded my comment and continued towards the table.  I stepped in front of them again. 

      “I said that you can’t come to the table dirty!  I want to enjoy my food.”  Andrias stepped towards me and pushed me to the ground.

      “Oh shut up!  I’m hungry!  When a man’s hungry he doesn’t care about hygiene!  Come on Parauvin.  Let’s eat.”  He scoffed.  As they were about to sit the amulet suddenly lit up, and then some water from a vase in the middle of the table rose up and splashed them both.  Andrias quickly turned around.

      “You did it again!”  I tried to act all coy and stupid.

      “What did I do again?  What in the world are you talking about?”  He growled at me.

      “Stop being a nag and just show me how you did it!”   Suddenly I felt some sort of odd energy from within me being released, and I just slapped him.  He clenched his face and stared at me dead in the eye.  He wanted to retaliate, but Parauvin stopped him.

The End

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