Chapter Nine: Porter's Landing Part ThreeMature

“How are you going to fool the dock personnel?  You have knickers and a shirt on love of Piem!” he growled.  I glared at him.  I went behind a barrel and began changing into more appealing clothing.  He looked at me in shock.  In a few minutes, I went from a vagabond to a refined young woman.  My pale green and cream dress flowed nicely along my legs, and the stockings gave a nice finishing touch.  I put my hair into a nice bun and walked out in front of the barrel.  The men looked at me as if I were traumatized. 

      “What’s that matter?  Haven’t you seen me like this before?”  I cooed.  Andrias scanned his eyes over me.

      “Yes we have seen you like this, but it’s just that you didn’t take that long to change!  I thought that women always took hours just to put undergarments on!”  Andrias said.  Yeah, he’s really bright.  I rolled my eyes and walked towards the dock booth.  The two men stayed behind to guard the boat.

      At the dock booth there was an old man posted in front.  He peered at me through his small spectacles.

      “And what brings you here, Madame?  How may I be of assistance to you?”  he asked politely.  Ok Maris, think.  I clasped my hands in front of my middle and began to speak.

      “Hello, sir.  My name is Maris Matterbourne, and my husband, Julius Matterbourne, the son of the mayor of Cheul, is currently in Cheul.  I have come to retrieve his boat.  However I do not have any documents on hand to confirm my identity.  I was going to ask if you could please provide me clearance for leaving the port with the boat if I gave you gems instead.”  I said.  The man looked at me suspiciously.

      “Madame, we usually do not do this.  However, since you seem honest and very respectable, I will grant you with clearance for the boat free of charge.”  I thanked the man for his kindness and skipped back to the boat.  When they saw my happy face the twosome hug each other happily, and the three of us boarded the boat to set sail.

The End

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