Chapter Nine: Porter's Landing Part TwoMature

“No, lass, that’s not how it happened.  I’s was the one discussing the deal with the merchant, and ‘Dris told him that we could put the ship down as a deposit.”  He retorted.  The two men then got into a heated argument.  I sat there in silence and disgust.  Why don’t men realize that they waste so much time trying to blame someone else for their shortcomings when they could be trying to fix it? I looked out the window and then cleared my throat.

            “I think we’re only ten knots away from land.  Parauvin I suggest you get ready to stop the boat.”  I scoffed.  The two men growled at me.  Andrias went out onto the deck to get ready to tie the boat down, and Parauvin went downstairs to stop the boat.  I grabbed my bag and went out onto the deck.

            From afar Porter’s Landing looked like a beautiful, rich city.  The city had a large port full of large, sophisticated boats.  Fortunately for us we were able to find somewhere to put our boat for the time being while we went to go attempt to win our boat back. 

While walking through the streets I felt out of place.  Everyone else stared at the three of us because of our stained and battered clothing and our matted, messy hair.  I tried to ignore the stairs of the pedestrians as we strolled towards a booth in the middle of the marketplace.  On the post of this booth there was a list of boat names.  The names that were crossed off meant that the boats were already sold off, and the boats that were not crossed off were the boats that were waiting to be auctioned off.  Andrias scanned the list to see the status of their boat and became enraged when he found out that the boat was auctioned.  He walked away from the booth and whispered something to Parauvin.  He smiled mischievously.  They both started walking away, and Andrias pulled me along with them.  They were heading back to the docks.

“What are we doing now?”  I asked.  Andrias turned to me.

“We’re going to steal a boat.  That’s what we’re going to do.”  I gulped.  I’ve never done anything illegal in my life!  This is scary! 

      We approached a line of expensive, unattended, expensive boats, and Andrias and Parauvin looked at each one to see which one they wanted to steal.  They were down to three boats:  a large boat with ornate, red sails, a boat with green sails and a large boat with blue sails.  There was something very familiar with the boat with the blue sails.  The sails were nicely decorated with stripes, and on the bow was a figurehead of a fat boy in a sailor suit.  I looked at this twice and realized that this boat belonged to Julius. 

      Maybe I can make it where I can con someone into thinking that I’m really his wife, and we can just leave with the boat.  I thought to myself.  I whispered the plan into Andrias’ ear, and his face contorted into disgust.

The End

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