Chapter Nine: Porter's Landing Part OneMature

Chapter Nine: Porter’s Landing

            This morning I awoke to the soft rocking of the boat and the light crashing and movement of the waves.  The sun shone brightly through the window.  Parauvin was downstairs again controlling the boat while Andrias was snoring in his hanging cot.  I was irked by sound of his growls and gurgles, so I decided to go out onto the deck for fresh air. 

            Being outside and away from Cheul was the oddest experience I’ve ever had.  It seems so different to be surrounded by water and near a town that you’ve never seen before in your life.  I walked around the deck and sat on a crate, indulging in the crisp, air sea wind and the beautiful, blue morning sky.  As I was relaxing, I began to smell a warm meaty smell coming from the inside.  It smelled like bacon.  My stomach growled in anticipation, and my mouth overflowed with saliva from the smell.  I arose from the crate and walked back into the room.  Parauvin was humming quietly to himself while making breakfast.  Andrias turned over in his cot and began to snore again.  I took a seat at the small table near the wall, and Parauvin spooned me up some food.  He then spooned up some for himself and Andrias and then walked over calmly to Andrias’ cot and tipped it over.  Andrias fell out and hit the floor with a loud thud.  He was pissed and growled heavily.

            “What the hell was that for?  I was clearly trying to sleep!”  Andrias walked towards the table and sat down in front of his food.

            “Good morning to you too, princess.  I’s figured that it would be nice to eat breakfurst with us.  Enjoy.”  Parauvin said with a wide grin, showing his rotted teeth.  I couldn’t help but laugh at his comment and Andrias’ reaction.  He grumbled to himself and started eating his food.  When we were all done with our breakfast, the duo burped loudly and reclined back in their chairs.

            “So what’s the game plan today, Parauvin?  How do we plan to win our beloved ship back?”  Andrias asked while patting his stomach. 

            “We’res going to buy it back, of course!”  He responded.  I sat there quietly and confused.

            “If you don’t mind me asking,” I stated quietly, “how did you even manage to lose your ship anyway?”  They looked at each other in anger.

            “It was his fault!” they shouted in unison while pointing at each other.

            “Well, we were in Porter’s Landing buying some supplies, and we ran out of money.  The merchant said that he would trade us the supplies and food for something else.  So Parauvin told him that we’ll put down our ship as a deposit and give him the money back within twenty-four moons.  However, when we made the deal it turns out that the merchant immediately put our ship in an auction and told us that if we wanted it back we would have to win it again!”  Andrias shouted.  Parauvin sucked his teeth and huffed.

The End

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