Chapter Eight: Time Part ThreeMature

The room was quite messy.  The beds, consisted of two hanging cots and a floor body pillow were untidy and oily. The small galley near the door was dirty and adorned with food stains.  However, what I grimaced at most was the wash closet.  No, I will not even describe to you the atrocity of it. 

            Andrias smiled proudly at the room.  I looked down.

            “He what’s the matter, girlie?  Is this too, you know, meager for you?”  he asked me.  I rolled my eyes at him.

            “It’s fine, Andrias.  By the way, my name’s Maris, not girlie, and I would like to be addressed as such.”  He looked at me dead in the eye.

            “It’s a damn shame that I think you’re somewhat cute.  Listen, if you try me some more maybe I’ll end up feeding you to the sharks.  Now, why don’t you make yourself comfortable on the floor cot and get ready for the boat to leave, ok?”  I gulped and nodded quietly.  I walked over to the smelly, grease-stained cot and put my bag near the end of it.  Parauvin opened a door beside the wash closet and walked down a small set of stairs.  After a few minutes passed I suddenly heard a loud humming, and the boat began to move.  I was fascinated by how it operated without a sail.    

            “I’ve never witnessed a boat without a sail.”  I said.  Andrias chuckled.

            “You haven’t witnessed much, have you?”  I rolled my eyes again.  He only laughed at me more.

            “Well, I’ve never left Cheul before, but now I finally can say I did.”  Andrias smiled softly.

            “I remembered the first time I left Kralphinia.  I had no choice.  The Radicals and the Elites were at war, and my parents didn’t want me to get caught up in things.  After sailing around by myself I found Parauvin, and we sailed around ever since I was eight.  He’s like a father to me.”  Parauvin then came trudging up the stairs.

            “ ‘Dris we’re headed southeast to go to Porter’s Landing.  Aye, we shall have our boat back soon.”  He said.  Andrias smiled happily.

            “Good!  Now that we have these gems we can finally be back in our own rooms and beds again!”  The hugged each other and smiled.  The duo then climbed up into their beds, and then the three of us drifted off to sleep.

The End

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