Chapter Eight: Time Part TwoMature

The way I planned to escape the house was through my window.  Since the docks were a straight shot from my window I thought that it would be much easier to just escape that way.  I opened the window and grabbed my bag from the sill.  I slowly climbed down the brick and ivy to the ground.  After reaching the ground I sprinted towards the docks, feeling liberated of the fetters of my old life. 

            It was almost the tenth moon, and I was looking around for Andrias and Parauvin to see where they were waiting. 

            I really hope they did not leave me here.  I thought to myself while looking around the docks.  There wasn’t much to look around.  There was no one else in sight, and there were only three boats docked.  I began to become frightened.  What if they did leave me?  What if this is some sort of trap? I became cautious.  I started walking slowly and looking around frequently to check for danger.  Suddenly, as I paused for a minute, the gem began to sparkle, and it shown a light to the right.  I decided to go in the direction of the light.  Maybe the gem knew where they were. 

            At the end of the dock there was a small house boat.  This boat seemed awfully odd.  There was no sail.  Inside the light was on.  I approached it slowly and heard voices.  It sounded like Parauvin and Andrias.

            “It’s almost the tenth moon, shouldn’t we be leaving soon?”  Parauvin asked.  Andrias coughed. 

            “No, we need the girl.  She seems special.  She may help us, and who knows, we may even find what we’re looking for.”  I got on deck and crawled quietly and slowly to the door of the enclosed room to try to hear more of what they were saying.  Suddenly the gem began to chime and blink.  Darn it, it’ll give me away if I don’t shut it up.  I began to tap it and blow on it, but to no avail.  Tonight the gem had a mind of its own.  I then heard the duo shuffle around the room.

            “I’s hear something,” Parauvin whispered.  Andrias looked out of the window and around the room, while Parauvin started for the door.  Meanwhile I was trying to roll away and make the gem quiet at the same time.  As the door handle began to turn I abruptly rolled into a barrel and it came down with a crash, spilling its contents onto me.  Parauvin opened the door and looked into my direction.  He chuckled harshly.

            “Well, speaking of the girl, she’s here.  Look at her, ‘Dris, she’s tipped into our ale barrel.”  He sneered.  Andrias came out of the room and looked at me.  He laughed at how I was covered in ale from head to toe. 

            “Well now that we’re all here, I guess we should leave.  I’m sorry girlie, but we don’t have a bath to clean you up.   Come on in.”  The duo didn’t even bother to help me up; they just went on their merry way.  Parauvin went into the room while Andrias just untied the boat so we could leave.   I stood up slowly and shuffled into the room.

The End

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