Chapter Eight: Time Part OneMature

Chapter Eight: Time

            In all the days of my life I have never met someone and then acted like I’ve known them for all my life.  One minute I was helping some marauder escape from the guardsmen, and now I’m ready to throw my life away and run away with him to who knows where.  I feel out of control and unreasonable, but I like it.  It’s rebellious, it’s… freedom.

            Now that I only have a few moons left, I have to get everything I need together before I leave.  I only packed the things that were of relevance to me:  some clothes, my drawings, pictures of my family, and my book of mapping paper.  After packing I decided to leave a detailed note to my family explaining that I left and that I would be back someday.  

            Before I left I decided to have one last talk with Airen.  Even though I knew deep down inside that I should speak to all of my family and Julius before leaving, I still feel like I should only talk to Airen because he understands me most.  Tonight after dinner around the eighth moon he was in his room sitting quietly.  When I approached him, he looked at me with saddened eyes.

            “So, have you finally decided what you were going to do as far as your life now?”  He asked.  I gulped.  I sat down beside him.

            “Yeah, I’m going to run away.  I’m going to take a boat and sail away.”  He laughed.

            “Oh, so you want by that method?  And you sure, especially being a young, beautiful woman, you want to travel alone?”  I paused.  Did I really want to tell Airen the other details of this?  I mean, if I do, will he go after Parauvin and Andrias?

            “Yeah, I am going to travel by myself.  I’ll be fine.  I just came to tell you that I’m leaving soon and that I love you.”  He smiled at me, and we were caught in a tight hug.  I began to cry he hugged me as tight as he possibly could.  I gave him a loving peck on the cheek and then went to my room to get changed for the voyage.

            I decided that with this trip I would return to my old ways.  No more expensive dresses, boots and silk stockings.  I would wear the same clothing I wore prior to my gained knowledge of the engagement.  I wore knickers again, my beat-up, low shufflers were back on my feet, and my hair was out and messy.  I felt like myself again.  Though I wanted to maintain this image, I still packed some fancy clothes just in case I needed them. 

The End

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