Chapter Seven: Marketplace Mayhem Part OneMature

Chapter Seven: Marketplace Mayhem

            Lately my life has seemed to have taken a turn for the worst.  I’m in an arranged marriage, I’m leaving my family, I lost my best friend and I’ll never go to schola academia to become a cartographer.  Am I finally hitting rock bottom?  Really, I know the phrase that someone else is going through something worse than I am, but this has got to be hell.

            After Palvia left I decided to leave myself because there was no reason for me to stay there anyway.  Are you kidding me?  I hate teashops!  They’re too frilly and…pink!  I hate pink, I hate tea, I hate teashops, and I just hate everything right now.  I just want to go for a nice stroll in the marketplace and just relax on the cliff by the water.  Airen’s right, I need to get out and be my own woman.  It’s time to do what Maris wants to do, and right now Maris wants to leave.  I paid for our food and went outside to take a stroll.  The marketplace seemed like an ordinary day.  The crowds were moving past, the carriages were going down the cobble, and the guardsmen were patrolling the areas, especially the alleyways, for suspicious activity.  Quite frankly, I haven’t seen any “suspicious activity” in Cheul in a long time, unless you count Davey Sprockets trying to make a glue bomb in school two months ago.  My, that would’ve been atrocious.  I opened my parasol and walked in the opposite direction.  As I continued in this direction I noticed that in these crowds that the police were pushing people and running through them as if they were trying to catch someone.  At first I decided to walk on the side of the road to not get knocked down and to count their odd behavior as some sort a drill to sharpen their skills.  However, after I noticed more and more guardsmen running I decided to follow them.

            “Stop it, mongrel!  Halt!  Stop!” a guardsman shouted.  Suddenly there was a womanly scream and the sound of laughter and brisk feet.  The guardsmen stopped to help the woman while I continued to follow the laughter.  Suddenly I came right behind them in a crowd of people and began to listen to their conversation.

The End

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