Chapter Six: The Girl and the Gem Part ThreeMature

      I decided to meet Palvia in town today, so I could tell her the news.  She’s already going to be shocked because she’ll be seeing me wear a dress, stockings and laced boots for the first time in my life, and a pale yellow dress with light blue trimming to be exact.  Parasol opened above me and gem around my neck, I sauntered down the street towards the teahouse, noticing the young men the stopped to stare at me as I waltzed pass.  Yes, this new look really has put out a different impression of me.  Palvia sat in the teahouse sipping tea and eating slice of lemon cake.  She looked rather beautiful today.  Her hair was in a nice bun, her makeup was soft and natural-looking, and her dress was nice and pastel-coloured.  Her gloves were laid neatly beside her teacup. 

      I approached her cautiously.  I didn’t want to rush up at her and scare her out of her daze.

      “Palvia,” she looked up at me.  Her eyes went from entranced to shock.  She stood up and observed me.

      “My goodness, you look so different.  You look great!  Please have a seat.”  I sat down across from her as she yelled for the woman behind the counter to bring an extra teacup and another slice of lemon cake.  I quickly took off my gloves, and she clasped my hands in hers.

      “So what’s new?  Why are we all dressed up?  Are you in love with someone?  Tell me.”   I gave a small chuckle.

      “I guess you could say that.”  I said, my tone teeming with sarcasm.  She took much notice to it.       

      “What’s wrong?  Are you caught in a love triangle? Is it-”

“No Palvia.  I’m getting married to Julius next week, and I really don’t want to.  Now I see what you mean.  Being forced to marry someone you don’t love is hell!”  The woman behind the counter looked into my direction, and I felt embarrassed.  Palvia looked at me sadly.

      “Actually being married is not all that bad.  Tavin is actually a very nice guy!  He buys me what I want, he cooks for me and he gives me emotional and physical comfort if you know what I mean, but other than that all I have to do is clean from time-to-time.”  Wow that was a drastic change.  She went from sobbing and causing a scene to gloating about her marriage.  My what a wonderful world we live in!

“That’s…nice I’m happy for you.  I really am.”  She beamed. 

      “Thank you.  Hey, isn’t Julius the mayor’s son, the short fat guy that walks around with a large lollipop in his hand that looks like he’s ten but he’s seventeen?”  I nodded my head.

      “Unfortunately yes.”  Her eyes began to express jealousy.

      “Well, at least you know you’ll be taken care of.   You know you’ll have it easy.  You’re getting married to money for goodness’ sake!  Oh why couldn’t it have been me?  I would have been way more grateful then you’ll ever be!”  Palvia stood up abruptly and headed for the door.  I called out to her and tried to get her to come back, but to no avail.  She wouldn’t listen.  She stopped at the door and looked back at me,

      “I want you to never speak to me again.  You’ll probably think you’re too good to talk to me anyway.  Have a good life!”  And with that she stomped back to her ranch.  This is just grand. The only thing I pretty much have left to lose is my mind. 

The End

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