Chapter Five: Julius Part ThreeMature

“That was rather delicious, madam.  May I have some more please?  I really don’t want to ruin my figure because I want to get into my suit, but I am quite hungry.”  He said with a prepubescent-sounding voice.  He’s trying to maintain his figure?  That’s a laugh.  What figure?  All he has is a boulder for a body.  He’s all curves.  And what does he need a suit for anyway? 

      Mother smiled and spooned him another helping of soup.  He smiled greedily at the bowl and went to town again.  Meanwhile I was not even done with my first helping.  When he was done with that he, again, wiped his mouth politely and sat up straight.  Suddenly he began to dig into his pocket for something.

      “Maris, I have something for you.” He snorted.  I gave him a look of confusion but then realized how rude my countenance was and adjusted it.  My mother gave me a look while I sat in silent embarrassment.

      “Oh, Julius you didn’t have to get me anything, but that’s very kind of you.  Thank you.”  I smiled.  He rudely passed me a small, golden box to me.  Everyone else stared intently at the box as I took it and observed it.  I uncovered the box to see a cerulean gem on a silver chain.  It shimmered beautifully beside the light of the candles. 

      “Why Julius, it’s beautiful.  Thank you.”  He chuckled.

      “You’re welcome.  It was my grandmother’s who was an oracle for Minerva.  I decided to give it to you as a gift, you know since we’ll be together soon.”  My mind went blank.  What did he mean by us being together soon?  I looked towards my parents for an explanation.

      “Mother, Father, what is he talking about?”  I asked nervously.  At first there was a pause and a nervous chuckle.  I somewhat knew what he meant, but I didn’t want to admit it to myself until they told me what was going on.

The End

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