Chapter Five: Julius Part TwoMature


      It was time to eat, and the five of us were just sitting at the table waiting for this so-called “special guest”.  Honestly, who is this special guest and why in the world is this person attending our dinner anyway?  As we were sitting there, still waiting of course, the food was beginning to chill in the fine serving dishes.  Suddenly there was a loud neigh, and the sound of a carriage stopping ensued.  My mother sashayed towards the door to open it for our guest.  I rolled my eyes in disgust and in hunger.  Piem, why did we have to wait for a person who obviously doesn’t care about arriving somewhere on time?  I heard the door close and then my mother’s voice and a young man’s voice that sound quite faint but at the same time quite familiar.  When I heard them both enter the dining area I looked to my right and saw the most nauseating sight in my entire life: Julius.

      Julius was the seventeen-year-old son of the mayor of Cheul.  He and I did not attend the same school because his father thinks that a “regular” schola grandis was entirely too common and unruly for a boy of his stature, so a few months out of the year he attended some private school in Porter’s Landing (a rich seaport a little southeast from here), where all the rich, pompous students went.  He was very spoiled, rude and haughty.  He was extremely plump and short, and he sported a baby blue sailor outfit and hat.  His nose was pig-like, and his red hair was wavy and scruffy under his hat.  His beady blue eyes peered at me coldly.

      Mother pulled out a seat across from me to sit in.

      “Here, have a seat Julius.”  She said nervously as he plopped down into the chair.  She then served of generous helpings of food, starting with Julius.  He licked his lips as if he were a pig at a trough and began to eat, briskly.  As he bolted down the food, one could have sworn that he sounded just like a pig.  How fitting.  When he was finished with his food he sophisticatedly wiped his mouth with the dinner napkin as if he gained some table etiquette which was much needed prior to eating the meal. 

The End

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