Chapter Five: Julius Part OneMature

                                                          Chapter Five: Julius

      Airen became more…mature since I’ve last seen him.  His body became muscular, he seemed much taller, and his body was adorned with tattoos.  Though he was totally covered in ink, he was still very handsome.  As he approached me he didn’t know whether to hug me, kiss me on the cheek or just wave.  I simply gave him a hug, and we stared each other down.

      “My, someone looks different,” he said with a chuckle.  I gave him a look and chuckled as well.

      “I can say the same for you.”  He laughed.

      “Yeah, you still have a sharp tongue, Maris.  Hey, where’s Katel?” we looked around to see if she finally made it out to the porch to meet him, but she was probably still in the house plating the food.  Suddenly the front door open and she appeared, tired, with messy hair and with an apron across her waist and a ladle in hand.

      “Is Airen here because the- Airen!”  She screamed.  She jumped on him and gave him the biggest hug.  He held onto her tightly as she sobbed happily in his arms.

      “Where the hell were you, and why the hell didn’t you respond to any of my letters?  I’ve written and sent several of them to you, and you haven’t responded to one!” she sobbed.  He rubbed her back as she continued to cry.

      “I got your letters, Katel.  I just didn’t have time to respond to them I guess.  I honestly wanted to, but I just couldn’t.”  She blinked her eyes in silence and looked up at him with slight anger but more so love.  Father cleared his throat to change the subject and add levity to the situation.

      “Alright, it’s seems as if the meal is ready, we should go get washed up.  Gavellienne, please call our special guest.  This is going to be a great night for us all,” he chimed.  Mother excitedly ran into the kitchen to use the communicator.  The rest of us filed in to wash up and get ready for dinner.

The End

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