Chapter Four: Airen Part FiveMature

Our parlor was probably the most ornate and most opulent-looking room in the entire house.  The room was a beautiful shade of light blue, and the furniture had a balanced amount of different shades of blue.  On the walls there were paintings of flowers, ships and the ocean itself.  Adjacent to these paintings were old photographs of relatives, baby pictures of the three of us, and my parents’ wedding pictures.  Yes, this room was teeming with nostalgia, and it seems as if every time we add more personal trinkets to it, the more nostalgic it feels. 

      In the parlor father was sitting across from the radiotelegraph concentrating on the evening news.  He was scooted halfway off the seat, and his grey eyes were squinting through his spectacles.  Yes, his full attention was on the message.

      “The weather this evening will be clear, starry skies and low winds.  The Calpergan Estoia is currently docking and will be setting sails again on Turnis.  That concludes the Cheul News for the evening.  Good night.”  Father rushed up from his seat and scampered out onto the porch to tell mother the news, all the while rushing past me.  I quickly followed him to see what was going to happen, and I saw my mother throwing her arms around him and crying happily.

      “I am elated, Wiam, our boy is home now,” Mother cried.  He patted her softly on the head.

      “Yes, I know.  Let’s wait for him here.”  Minutes passed as we watched several people walk off from the dock in the distance.  Mother began to get jaunty and full of excitement as she saw a few men come up our street.  As a few others dispersed to their homes one man still marched up towards our home.  Mother couldn’t contain herself as she realized who this man was and ran towards him with full force.  Surprisingly, her short legs took her very fast.  When she came in contact with the man, they both were caught in an embrace of warmth, compassion and love.  She gave him a few kisses on the cheek and walked back to the house with him, hand-in-hand. 

The End

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