Chapter Four: Airen Part FourMature

As I was putting on my undergarments I looked down and noticed something different about me.  I noticed how…. womanly, to say the least, I’ve gotten.  It’s like I’ve now stored fat in certain places that used to be flat, uncurved and immature.  I mean I’m a relatively thin girl, but it just amazes me to realize that I can hardly see my feet anymore when I look down. 

      While I was putting on my under-gown I suddenly heard a knock on the door.

      “It’s Katel.  Are you decent?”  She yelled. 

      “Yes.  Come in.”  Katel excitedly stormed in with several dresses.  I cringed.  I hate dresses.  Everything about them from how they poof out to the bows and frills on them just nauseates me.  Katel tapped her foot and rolled her eyes.  “Well are you going to pick one or not?”  My eyes scanned over the atrocious articles of clothing.  What am I to tell her?  I just can’t say, “Oh I’ll where knickers instead.”  I picked up a blue dress and slipped it over my head.  I looked into the mirror and felt disgusting.  I turned around, all the while scowling.  Katel took note of this.

      “You’re such a tomboy.  You need to wear dresses at some point in your life.  What do you think you’re going to get married in, a blouse and knickers?”  She fixed the dress on me and went out of the room to grab some other things.  Two minutes later she returned with a pair of stockings and heels.  I put these on, and then she began to twist my brown hair into a bun.  She tied it with a blue ribbon and left the room.  I hesitantly stood up and slowly approached the mirror.  As I scanned over my body I began to grimace.  However, as I began to delve deeper into the image I began to take pride in it.  I loved the way the blue fabric mapped out my curves, and I loved how the stockings and shoes made my legs look.  Katel’s right.  After all, you have to be womanly once in a while. 

      The table was set with the finest dinner plates, bowls, glasses and silverware.  The table cloth had no wrinkles in sight, and the whole table was illuminated by warm, bright candlelight.  I looked around to see where everyone was, but no one was around.  Katel was probably in the kitchen finishing up the meal, father was probably in the parlor listening to the news and music on the radiotelegraph, and mother was probably sweeping the front porch off.  I sauntered off into the parlor to listen to see if there would be any news about the ship arriving.

The End

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