Chapter Four: Airen Part ThreeMature

“Uh-hem, Maris?  Snap out of it!”  She snarled.  I came back to reality and tried to pick up the conversation from where we last left off.

      “You’ll be fine!  We can still live life like we do now!  We can still be friends and go places together!”  Her eyes widened.

      “Oh I forgot!  What if I won’t have time to maintain our friendship what if…” I stopped her.  I didn’t want her to worry and stress herself out more than she actually was.

      “Don’t worry about it.  Let’s just worry about now.”  She smiled and hugged me tightly.

      “I know I could always count on you, Maris.”  I hugged back tightly.  I looked away sadly and with uncertainty.

      “Yes, Palvia, I’ll be there.  Whatever the future holds I’ll be there.”


      When I got home the aura of the house was different.  It seemed warmer, brighter and quite cozy and homey.  The house smelled like Yichmar soup, freshly baked bread and Lowelberry cake.  Lowelberry cake was very seldom made in our home, and this could only mean one thing:  Airen was coming home.  Airen, my older brother of twenty-two, was away for six years to go to naval school in Calperga.  Over the past few weeks my mother was such a basket case about making sure that the house was worthy enough for his return.  She’s been all over the place just to make his favourite foods and make sure that everything he wanted was in the house prior to his arrival. 

      I heard my mother singing to herself and washing dishes.  I walked into the kitchen to greet her.

      “Hi mother.”  I chimed while sitting at the table.  She hummed.

      “Hi Maris, how was school?” she responded quietly.  I looked out of the window.

      “It was alright I guess.  Are you getting ready for Airen’s arrival?”  She beamed.

      “Yes I am!  Tonight is going to be very exciting for all of us!  There’s a special guest joining us for dinner tonight.”   I looked away in surprise.  A special guest, we never have visitors over when relatives come to visit. 

      “May I ask who this special visitor is,” I asked with inquisitiveness.  She walked over to the cooling cabinet and grabbed milk.

      “You will see, but now I would like for you to go take a bath, and then get your sister to help you find something nice to wear.”  She motioned for me to go upstairs, and I obeyed, still curious about this “special visitor”.

The End

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