Chapter Four: Airen Part One Part TwoMature

“Palvia, what’s wrong?  You seem… off.”  I said softly.  Her eyes lowered and she sighed heavily. 

      “Mar, I’m getting...” she began to choke up.  “….married.  I’m getting married to… to Tavin!”  She cried.  I looked at her with confused eyes.

      “Well it’s not as bad as you think.  At least Tavin’s attractive and friendly.”  Palvia glowered at me.

      “It’s not as bad as I think? It’s not as bad as I think?!  Are you crazy?!  Yes Tavin is handsome and friendly, but he’s also poor, immature and is going to take over his family’s farm.  You know my only concern is living in the lap of luxury, going on long boat rides, shopping for the finest dresses and jewelry and going on day trips while the governess takes care of my children.  I do not want to be chasing seven children, chickens and milking cows.  I already have to share an outhouse with another family.  Why the hell would I even want to be poorer than I already am?!”  Palvia at this point was beyond the point of reason.  She was enraged, she was hurt, and she was quite deranged at the moment.  One thing I can say about her is that even though she has a good heart and she’s a good friend, she is also very vain and is too materialistic.  I gave her a small smile and sat beside her.

      “Listen, Palvia, it’s not as bad as it seems.  You’re getting married to someone who will love you and help you grow as a person.  You’re being paired up with someone who is very kind and very handsome.”  She calmed down a bit but then went into another crying fit. 

      “Just wait until you find out about who you’re going to marry!  You’ll see how I feel!  Oh no!  I’m going to be fat and hideous and have so many children!  Why me, Maris?  Why me?!  I’m too beautiful, young and thin to have children.  Oh my goodness I’m….” she rambled on.  Suddenly I disregarded her rants and thought about what she actually said.  What if she’s right?  What if I don’t like the person I am destined to marry?  What if I end up, ugly, fat and miserable and have too many kids to remember their names?  Oh that’s a scary thought to have.

The End

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