Chapter Four: Airen Part OneMature

                                                               Chapter Four: Airen

      In Cheul there are there are three types of schools: schola prima, schola secundaria and schola grandis.  Schola prima was the earliest form of schooling where you learn your basic educational skills.  Schola secundaria was the next level of schooling where you continued to learn certain educational skills; however you would also gain other skills such as geography and currency conversion.  Finally there’s schola grandis, which I attend.  It is the last form of schooling before schola academia.  Sadly, Cheul does not have a schola academia, so many either go to Calperga for naval school or go to the Kingdom of Minerva to attend schola academia there.  I have only heard of a few people that have left for schola academia, but most people, like my brother, go to Calperga to join the navy or become naval nurses. 

      Schola grandis was basically just for applying the skills you’ve learned in the previous years.  I honestly think it’s a waste of time because there are several different ways that one can apply a certain skill set.  You shouldn’t have to go to school to convert three gold chebans into Kralphinian gems.  You can easily go to the bank in the marketplace, and there’s someone that’s an expert at currency conversion just waiting for you.  I am rather thankful that I am sixteen now because I’m basically done with my school.  Next week is the last week of school, so I just have to take my last exam and it’s goodbye school.  Though I’ll be done with my basic schooling, I still want to attend schola academia to get a degree in cartography.  Someday I’ll get there, someday.

      Today in school everyone was quiet.  Even Palvia didn’t talk to me, and we’ve known each other for a very long time.  Palvia has been my closest friend since we could walk, and it scares me when she acts oddly.  I knew something was definitely was wrong with her.  Her flaxen hair was not in order and was in a messy ponytail, her blue eyes were dark and low and her face had no makeup.  It was as if she was losing her mind, or better yet maybe she already has.  I approached her with caution, making sure I did not rub her the wrong way.

The End

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