Chapter Three: Home Life Part OneMature

                                                        Chapter Three: Home Life

      My house was pretty much just like any other house in Cheul.  It was dull, narrow and small.  There was no difference inside the house either.  The only rooms that were even remotely interesting were the parlor and my own.  My room was all the way on the second floor.  It was the only room in the entire house that even had coloured walls.  Inside the room were souvenirs of my father’s seaman life, things I’ve found at the shore or made and random things that my friends have given me in the past.  The walls were adorned with photographs and maps that I’ve drawn of imaginary lands.  When I was younger I saw a map that my father brought back from his travels and from then on all I wanted to be was a mapmaker.  Day in and day out I would draw maps.  There were times when I would even be reprimanded for my compulsive mapmaking because I would be so engrossed in my actions that I wouldn’t even notice my surroundings.  Sometimes I would even go the cliff overlooking the sea to just draw maps because the scene was so breathtaking and serene. 

      My room had the best view of the ocean in the whole house.  Dead center in the wall opposite of my door was a huge window.  Rain or shine, the sea would never look as beautiful as it did from my room.  It was as if I could, from that window, accept the sea for what it really was: a beauty to look at when at ease but scary when enraged. 

      As I entered the house I noticed that everyone was fast asleep.  I tiptoed quietly up the stairs to my bathroom to bathe and get changed and then go to sleep.  On my “trek” to the bathroom

I felt an odd vibe.  I felt like I wasn’t the only one awake; like I wasn’t alone.  Instead of going to the bathroom I decided to go to sleep instead and just sleep in my underwear.  As I approached my door I felt my foot suddenly get caught on something, and I felt face forward on the hard wooden floor of the upstairs hallway.

      “And may I ask where the hell have you been?”  A young but stern feminine voice asked me.  I looked up, pitifully and in utter shock.

      “I was out taking a walk, Katel, and I just happened to notice that it was very late.”  I lied.  She looked at me with disbelief.  Katel is my older sister, age eighteen, who decided to not get married and stay with us during my father’s last voyage as a sailor.  She’s rather tall, has long brown hair and amber eyes.  Katel’s a very hard worker who is a beautiful person on the inside and out, but she’s also a pain to live with at times and is not gullible at all. 

The End

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