Chapter Two: Slashing Sounds Rather Smashing Part TwoMature

“Slashing, is a ce’tain dance, if ya will, that you do with a lad ta ‘ave children.  Some slash fer fun, but it’s oosially fer children.”  Huh, it seems… different, but I still have questions about it.  What do you do when you slash?  Is slashing healthy?  There are so many things I have yet to know.  Mizzy began to signal for the door.  “It’s a’most the ‘our of the ninth star.  Ya need ta go ‘ome, now!”  She grabbed my arm to guide me to the door, but I wouldn’t budge.  Not until I get my last question answered.

      “Wait I have one more question.”  She scowled at me.  She really wanted me to go home.  I guessed she was worried about me and that she was also being put into an awkward position.

      “No, I ‘ove ya, but yer a’goin ‘ome.”  I rushed away from her.

      “Not until you answer my last question.”  She gritted her teeth.

      “A’right, what the ‘ell are ya a’burnin to ask?”  I gulped.  I knew this question would probably be bound to get me kicked out, but I didn’t care.  This is something I needed to know.

      “Mizzy have you ever slashed, and if so what is it like?”  She paused.  I noticed she was beginning to turn red.  I was unsure of if it was because of anger or embarrassment. 

      “Yes, yes I ‘ave.  It’s nice, bloddy nice,” She chuckled.  “You’ll learn one day, but fer now jus’ be sixteen.  Off ya go.”  With that she made me leave.  Finally somewhat satisfied with what I learned, I went home feeling a bit educated.


The End

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