Chapter Two: Slashing Sounds Rather Smashing Part OneMature

                                    Chapter Two: Slashing Sounds Rather Smashing

      Mizzy circled around me.  She looked at me a few times and then looked away in an ashamed manner.  She looked as if someone just threatened her with death.

      “Maris, ta think that you’re a woman, and ya don’t kno’ much?  That a’scares me.  You re’lly don’t kno’ where children are fro’?”  I shook my head in sad admittance.  Usually I have no problems with admitting something, but what I just admitted was quite disappointing.  She’s right, I’m a woman, and I still don’t know the largest dynamic of life. 

      “Ugph, where does I begin.  Ok, you got ta ‘ave two parents for this.  You ‘ave a mum and a pap, and ‘heydo what’s called slashing.  And after ‘hey slash, about ten ‘er so moons later the mum is with child.  You get me ‘rift? ‘er did I just feed ya ta some sea serpents?”  I wanted to just lie and tell her I did so I won’t have to her try to explain it again because Piem knows it’s too confusing; however I really want to know what slashing is.  It sounds odd, but interesting.  Well the name does at least.

      “What’s slashing?”  I asked fervently.  Mizzy gave a big sigh.

      “Erm, it’s when the two parents… well I don’t know what ta tell you.”

      “Oh come on, Mizzy.  There’s gotta be a way to explain it!  You obviously know what it is!” 

      “Lis’en it’s ‘ettin…”

      “I know it’s getting late, just tell me what it is!”  This is when Mizzy was giving in.  You see, if you beg her enough to do something, she will.  You just have to… push her buttons a few times.

      “A’right, but promise me that you’ll go ‘ome after this.”  I smiled.

      “Mizilda Mabanach, you have a deal.”  She sat down and relaxed herself.  She took in a deep breath.

The End

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