Chapter One: Mizzy's Tavern Part TwoMature

  Ditzy Pig is an odd game indeed.  From what I see the object of it is to collect as many cards of a certain grouping, (groupings are mermaids, sprites, humans and ancient symbols) and the person who has gotten all the cards in their grouping or most of them in a fixed amount of time is the winner.  However, the loser, the person with the lowest amount of cards in his or her grouping,  is deemed the Ditzy Pig and must pay a betted amount of gold chebans, give a dirty secret or guzzle down a plethora of foods like a pig.  When I visually got the gist of the game I decided to give it a try.

      For the first few rounds I was lucky.  I won a few, and then there were some where I didn’t win but I had enough to not lose.  However, the last game was between me and a Kralphinian mariner. Kralphinians, from what I’ve heard, are amazing card players, and I knew I had no chance against him.  However, though I did lose, I managed to get close to winning.

      “So lassie, what will it be?  Are you going to pay up, speak up, or eat up?”  I was torn.   I didn’t want to pay up because I needed that money to buy food for lunch, and I didn’t want to eat up because I didn’t want to embarrass myself that way.  However, though my secret is embarrassing, I would rather do that than chourge up all the food I had to eat. 

      “I’ll speak up.”  I paused.  The Kralphinian stared at me.

      “So, are you gonna speak?”  I gulped.  I honestly didn’t want to be embarrassed, but I figured that by me telling it would probably be overlooked in the next few minutes.

      “In all my sixteen years of my life, I still am unaware of where children come from.”  The whole tavern went silent.  Mugs of ale were quickly slammed onto the tables.  Everyone’s faces were full of shock, especially Mizzy’s, who turned very pale. 

      “My wee heart just turned.”  The Kralphinian said sadly.  “I feel bad.  You’re a woman, but yet, you don’t even know!  Piem have grace on the dear child.”  I looked at him with confusion.  Suddenly, Mizzy scooped me up from the table and brought me into a side room, deciding to close the tavern for the night.


The End

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