#1: Journey of a balloon

This is a series of journeys of different inanimate objects. Each chapter is another fun journey of something. Each object has thoughts, and feelings but cannot talk. Since the objects are just that, objects, certain man-made things are not named, but described to the best of my ability for you to figure out. There are some references to life in this, and these stories even though inanimate objects never live, but hey, what the heck. I also wrote this for fun, so you might also find some voice in these stories. I hope you enjoy!

The balloon floated tied to the post, wanting to be set free. The wind blew, and the balloon tugged the post straining to be carried of with the summer breeze. Children screamed and ran around playing on every side, streamers flew, cake was eaten, and merry songs were sang. More and more cars drove in, people came congratulating a small boy, repeating over and over the certain phrase "Happy Birthday." The day wore on, and the balloon sagged a little, tired of the festivities it did not understand. Then, one particular child walked by, pulling her parent's hand, whining for a balloon of its very own. The parent exhausted finally gave in, and tiredly walked over, untying the balloon handing it over into the child's pink, sticky hands. The child screamed in delight, and waved the balloon around. Once again the balloon strained to be free, but to no avail. The wind quieted, and the parent and child walked on. Just when the balloon thought it would never be free, a monster wind roared, ripping the balloon from the child's grasp. The child wailed, and ran after the balloon but it was long gone, floating upward into the sky. The sound of the child's screams were soon lost in the breeze, as the balloon floated ever onward, carried by the wind. As the balloon drifted, a group of flying creatures, with razor sharp points on their faces speeded by, threatening to end the balloon. The flap of their wings carried the balloon back and forth, and by some miracle, the balloon was safe. Just when the balloon thought the worst was past, it heard a droning, that shook the balloon from deep vibrations. In the distance, a behemoth slowly flew towards the balloon. As the balloon got closer it felt a tug, and started to be sucked into, along with all the air in the vicinity, one of two things that were constantly spinning so fast they were a blur. The balloon knew that if it got in there, bye bye balloon. The tugging got stronger, but by another stroke of luck, a draft of air carried it upward over the spin-around-thing-o-death. As it passed it glanced at a transparent shape in the monster's skin and saw humans riding in the monster's belly. And then, once again, the balloon was drifting ever upward. The sky grew dark, as the balloon continued. As it got higher it felt worn out, and old, nearing the end of its life, as the span of a balloon is never very long. However, it felt at peace, free, in the vast sky where it felt like it belonged. It maintained its ascent through the cloudy sky, up up up, and up, a tiny red speck, and then pop!, ended.

The End

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