Fearless Design

The beeping that brought him from his thoughts belonged to a flashing button on his console for his comm unit.  The Captain leaned forward pressing.  "Captain Willmont here."  The view screen in the middle of his panels flashed and one of the engineers popped up on the screen.  Willmont didn't have time to remember the young man's name before it was supplied.  "Lieutenant Hiller here, Sir the checklist has been completed we are all go for the launch later today."  Willmont nodded.  "Double check Lieutenant and once your done with that please tell the Quartermaster he can green light the civilians for boarding."  The view screen flashed after the Aye Aye Captain and the schematics for the ship popped up.  The ship was of simple design.  The years of failures could be led back to some difficulties with how the ship would be built.  Yet here it was in a rectangular box shape.  Some would say it would appear to be remniscient of the Aircraft Carriers of the 21st century.  The command deck was in fact a fin like deck jutting from the right center of the ship.  It was to most in the engineering world ugly yet the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

Willmont looked up from the screen to his second in command.  The engineer who had started this product long ago.  Willmont stood up and walked over to the man.  "Charles."  The word was enough to have the young black man turn around.  Willmount looked at the screen Charles had been looking at and he bent down  Charles Vinson was the future of everything in the hyperdrive technology.  He was a child prodigy who had solved the questions to this technology at the age of 18.  When he published the paper on his findings a private company picked him up and thats when Project JTTS, or Project Jet as Charles liked to call it, started.

"Yes, Captain?"  The man said as Willmont looked at the technical data flowing on the screen.  Willmont replied still with his command voice even though the one in charge here could definitely be a toss up between them, "The engineers are done with your checklist I think you should check it as well and then welcome the other Civilians on board.  You know how many of them feel about us Military types.  Especially since this is a joint launch."

The launch that was taking place later today would launch over a 400 people into space.  Ranging from Engineers, Scientists, and the military.  It had been a fight some time ago early in the project when the United Nations had decreed that a unit to be created by the U.N. would be involved in this project and travel with the ship.  The U.S. with diplomatic power secured the spot for a platoon of US Marines.  The European Union Nations decided to forego military units as they wanted scientists from their countries to go.  The Communist nations of China and Russia sent a special forces squad each with a few scientists as well.  The ship has selected the best and brightest minds of the world to explore the Stars.

The End

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