Journey To The Stars

After decades of failures, humanity has finally created the hyperdrive. The crew of the Earth's first hyperdrive-capable ship face the perils of an unknown galaxy.

For centuries, humanity had been trapped with in the confines of Planet Earth. But with the invention of the rocket engine, they were liberated from their home, had began to expand throughout the Solar System, first to the Moon, then Mars. But travel with rocket engines was slow and costly, preventing humanity from expanding further. The best minds on Earth struggled to find a better way of propelling their ships. After decades of failure, they had a breakthrough - the hyperdrive.

With the advent of the hyperdrive, travel to not only the outer Solar System, but to places beyond the Solar System was now possible. Moving quickly, all the nations of Earth, Mars and the Moon, now the Earth Alliance, pooled their resources to create a ship capable of traveling to the stars.

They labored for years at Solanis Shipyards. After six years, they finally completed the ship. It was a wonder, using the most advanced technology. And the centerpiece and main power source, the AH-2 hyperdrive.

To humankind, the ship represented a bold and daring new age. The leaders of the Earth Alliance wanted the name to reflect this next step. So when it was time to christen the ship, they named it Fearless.

The End

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