The PortalsMature

I stood behind and watched him approach the door.  It was white, without any adornments of any sort.  It seemed to give off a sort of hazy aura as the sun's rays reflected off of it.

My Self produced a ring of keys out of thin air, and he began searching through them methodically. 

"Ah, here it is," he said as he slid the key gently into the lock.  The knob turned easily, and the door opened.  I could not see clearly into the door, as it was darker inside.  My Self beckoned me to follow him through.  I walked through steadily over the threshold, instantly feeling a slight drop in temperature.  The sun's rays didn't penetrate through the entrance, even though I could see them just fine.  The door closed behind me, and I allowed my eyes to adjust to the new lighting. 

To my suprise, we hadn't entered an actual room.  We were outside again, but this time it was dusk.  The sun was sinking gently below the horizon, scattering various colors across the sky.  We were standing in some sort of sanctuary.  Large boulders enclosed the area on all sides, and there was a small grassy island surrounded by water in the middle.  Stepping stones led to and from the island, and my Self hopped gingerly from one to the next.  He beckoned to me when he'd reached the middle, and I followed suit.

"This, as you could probably guess, is your Sanctuary.  It is very different from your Domain, in that it contains all of the different, separated aspects of you.  Your Domain is simply a representation of your current state.  In here, you will find every dimension of you that contributes or has contributed to you and I."

"You and I?"

"Yes.  We are the same, but at the same time we are separate.  You are your own flesh and blood, while I inhabit no body.  I am what you make me to be, and in turn I make you what you want to be."

My brain was reeling from all of this confusing information, but I did my best to understand.  I gazed about the sanctuary and noticed many swirling, blue-green mirrors, all of which were separated at equal intervals, and all of which were accessable via stepping stone from the island.

"What are those mirrors for?"

My Self grinned, "Those aren't mirrors.  They are portals.  Each one will take you to a different dimension of yourself.  Look just above them, and you will notice how each is engraved with a title.  The title tells which dimension you are entering."

I nodded and looked at each one.

"Are you a dimension in your own right?"

The young man gave an indecisive nod, "In a way, yes.  But I am not a single dimension.  I am the concisousness of all your dimensions put into one.  I am the ultimate amalgam of you.  You are the one who decides which dimensions are most and least prominent in me." 

My Self pointed at a portal, "There are some dimensions that you should meet before others.  Some are weaker, some are stronger.  You must speak with each one.  I will be here each time you return."

I looked toward the portal he had indicated.  Carefully, I made my way across the stepping stones.  I approached the portal with caution and read the inscription above.

~The Senex~

I stepped through the portal, eager to find out what a 'Senex' was.



The End

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