Chapter II

Chapter II:

I continued walking, The crops burnt, but took the fires with them, slowly I was “out of fire” all what was green and yellow around me became black, Ashes.

You may wonder how I came not to blink while doing this? How uncaring I am, I killed my family, destroyed our crops, and was walking, but I did not feel so, I did not, I felt that all of this was to a higher cause: To burn. To me this was the ultimate cause, I kept walking on, I saw the white sun shining, with the clouds slowly uncovering it, The lights were strangely white, on walking, I passed the crops, everything seemed very strange to me, why? I was never out of the stable before, I walked on, but I am not like you may imagine me, a “Dead Man Walking” ofcourse, the term itself is self-contradictory to me, I wonder how Humans can know such contradictions, recognize them perfectly, yet strangely they keep on saying them; If you ever want to know how I moved, look at the clouds, You’ll find me, and You’ll know how I did move.

I had no goal in mind except to burn, but how? When? More Importantly, Where? I knew the crops where good to burn, but I had no ability to create fire as before, while walking, I saw a milestone, the milestone, in wood, had some words engraved on them that I could not understand, but I saw an Arrow engraved on it, It was pointing right, I walked in that direction, it logically came to me that this was simply a pointer to a village or something, where would I find people, wood, places, and ultimately, Fire.

During walking, I saw many people coming on horses, and those on carriages, and those walking, I saw farmers, crops, green areas, I saw many wooden houses on the way, I however knew no way of igniting fire there, I logically thought of beating the people inside, but logically I was answered, I was weak physically, My age was much less than all of them, I was nothing compared to their power, and I would not bet it on luck, all the way, the visions did not vanish, however, I soon noticed a new color: Yellow.

It manifested itself strangely, Making unusual shapes come to me, the shapes this time were of a new nature: Radiant, Yellow was like Branches, It was always like a circle, and coming from it were the yellow branches, and with it came a new  feeling: A feeling of more than one hand, I felt like I had more limbs, like I had more hands, I could not see them, nor could I see their effects, If you want to know how I felt, then cut your arm, You will know what I mean.

I begged for food from the houses, I drank from a barrel of water I stole from one young girl who was probably going to some stable or to generally water an animal, I took it with me and it only kept getting lighter. Excuse my limited vocabulary; I developed it in a matter of days. [Note by Author: THIS STYLE IS INTENTIONAL!]

I finally reached a small village, And the first thing I saw was surprising: Hundreds of people.

The End

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