Learning The Basics

Nurse Joy showed me to the bedrooms of the pokemon centre. "If there's anything you need just ask" she offers. "Thanks I'll see you in the morning." Nurse Joy leaves me in the room there's a single bed and a cabinet with a video phone next to it on the wall. I decide to give Juniper a call. "Hey professor I've reached the Pokemon centre on the route 1 snivy won her first battle, but the trainer said snivy is a odd colour if that's so why?" I ask hastily, "well sometimes pokemon have different colourings to others of the same species this is known as shiny so what's the plan for tomorrow?" "I want to catch my first pokemon so was wondering what pokemon are native to this route?" I try to sound as if being smart. "Well you can catch pidove's, lillypup's and patrat's on that route but it's getting late you should get some sleep all right?" "Yeah your right bye professor." After I hang up the phone I change and get into bed and fall straight asleep. Next morning I wake up bright and early and leave the pokemon centre and head off to catch a pokemon. Its not long until I find a flock of pidove, I send out snivy but there's so many its hard to focus her attacks. "Snivy use attract." almost all off them become infatuated except for one angry female who comes flying towards snivy. Suddenly out of nowhere a blast of water hits the pidove and I notice a oshawott and its trainer he throws a pokeball at pidove and it flashes for a bit then turns white. "hey that was my pidove" "well you snooze you lose I see you got the weak snivy" "My snivy isn't weak" "Well maybe when I have the time you can battle me later loser" He then runs off into the woods, I turn my attention back to the pidove and notice that one of them got drenched as well but wants a fight. I get snivy to use attract and it infatuates the pidove "snivy use leer" it runs up to pidove and makes a nasty face at him "finish with tackle." Snivy charges at pidove and knocks it out. I throw a pokeball it wriggles for a few seconds and then the button turns white. "Snivy we have a new member of the team lets head back and get him healed before we continue.

A yes pidove is always a good choice for a beginner but they are pretty good when they evolve as well. I still use unfezant he is fast and strong, I will always keep the pokemon I catch as in my opinion there isn't weak pokemon just weak trainers. I never did find that guy with the oshawott again.

The End

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