New Experiences

Leading up to this moment I never dreamed I would be battling here on the grandest stage. Everyone has their different strategies when it comes to pokemon. I have caught loads of pokemon and trained them and now some get tested. The other day I saw a new trainer with a pidove it takes me back to the day I caught my first pokemon.

I knew that after the battle with tepig, snivy needed a good rest so I headed to the nearest pokemon centre. I go up to nurse joy and hand over snivy "your snivy should be perfectly healed in no time, meanwhile I can register you for the unova league" she said in a very caring voice. "How do I register? do I need money?" I ask worriedly. "All I need to do is take your pokedex and connect it to the computer it does the rest" in a reassuring tone. I hand my pokedex over and she connects it. In a matter of seconds its done, "now graham your registered with the league here's the guide and rule book, snivy is now being looked after meanwhile check out the pokemon centre for other trainers and facilities I'll call you when snivy's healed." I decide to explore the pokemon centre and find a weird pink pokemon. 'Audino the hearing pokemon, it touches others with the feelers on its ears, using the sound of their heartbeats to tell how they are feeling'. that's a awesome pokemon I thought. Snivy took long enough to heal that I got a meal at the centre. "Here your snivy is fully rested but its quite late why not stay the night?" "That's a good idea."

The End

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