A Chance Encounter

I run to the lab just as the other two trainers leave. "Professor is there a pokemon for me?" I ask slightly out of breath. "Well Graham if you were more eager to get her on time you would have a pick between snivy a grass snake, tepig a fire pig or the water type oshawott, unfortunately your peers already picked tepig and oshawott so your left with snivy" juniper replies with warmth in her voice. "That's awesome news I really wanted a snivy. I reply eagerly. "Here's the pokeball containing snivy as well your pokedex which not only tells you about pokemon but also tells you moves for pokemon and is your identity." Juniper says in a happy mood. "Thanks Professor bye." "Bye and good luck" I walk out of the lab and head to the path leading to the next town. I use my pokedex to check my snivy, its a female and knows tackle, leer, vine whip and attract interesting. Suddenly someone appears I  recognise her straight away she was leaving the lab when I was arriving. "Seeing as you were late I challenge you to a battle. " Ok bring it" I respond eagerly. "come out tepig" she says, "snivy its time to battle" both pokemon come out in a shiny light.  We both point our pokedexes at each others pokemon, 'snivy the grass snake pokemon, it is very intelligent and calm being exposed to sunlight makes its movements swifter.' tepig the fire pig pokemon, it blows fire through its nose, when it catches a cold the fire becomes pitch-black smoke  instead. "your snivy is a different colour to the one in the pokedex why?" "I don't know you should be more worried about the battle" " I should but tepig will one shot your snivy with a ember" tepig then breathes out a load of embers but snivy is fast and dodges easily. "snivy use attract" some hearts appear around snivy and she winks sending them towards tepig. the hit the target suddenly he has a weird look in his eyes and won't obey. "use leer 3 times snivy" I hardly finish telling the order when snivy goes up to tepig giving him the nastiest look ever lowering his defences "finish with tackle" snivy charges at the tepig and knocks it out. "well done good use of strategy hopefully we will meet again someday." 

Well old friend its time for another battle we trained hard and you evolved to your final evolution through hard work. "come out serperior and battle hard" as the trainer sends out her newly evolved emboar. "remember the promise we made when we first battled when serperior and emboar were still tepig and snivy well this will be there greatest battle yet"  "Well Graham we and our pokemon have come a long way time to battle and prove who is the best."

The End

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