A pokemon champion relives some of his tales before facing the challenge of a lifetime

It was sunny with a few clouds in the sky, and yet I could feel the tension in the air. This is it my moment to prove I'm the strongest Pokemon trainer in the Unova region. I walk through the stadium corridors and as I go up the ramp into the centre of the stadium I have so many emotions joy, pride, confidence, but also the bad emotions. I take my place on the stadium floor on the opposite side of the stadium stands the other toughest trainer we both worked hard to get here but which one of us will win the final and become a champion of the region. My mind drifts off to two years ago when I first started my journey. 

"Hurry up Graham your going to keep professor Juniper waiting if you don't hurry" my mum said with a bit of worry mixed with sadness. "I'm 18 years old I think I can decide things myself" I said with a hint of sarcasm. "Is that so young man well you certainly took your time deciding to be a trainer, plus if you don't hurry you will miss out on a starter". "surely professor Juniper won't give all the starters away?" I ask worriedly. My mum then goes to the kitchen she then comes back with a packed backpack, pokegear and town map. "go on your adventure make friends catch pokemon and make our family proud" with tears in her eyes she turns her back and sobs a little more. "Thanks mum and next time you see me I will be champion." I pick up my gear and leave the house heading straight for Junipers laboratory wondering which one I would pick.

The End

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