Journey into Life

A story about a guy who messed his life and regretted it, as usual, at the end.

Once, there was a married couple who had been waiting and praying for a child. They had been wishing for a son for nearly 8 years.

After years of waiting, they were surprised to have a child. They named the child Matthew, it means "God's gift." They named him Matthew because they were waiting for so long and all their efforts, God, at last, gave them a child.

They raised Matthew very well. They gave Matthew everything he wanted in exchange that he will be a good son. They expected Matthew to be a good boy that will follow and respect his parents and other people.

Matthew was now 11 years old. Whenever he's at school, he would always be suspended and his parents would always be called by the principal. His parents would always teach him but he never learns. Even though Matthew was a hard-headed boy, his parents still loved him and gave him everything he wanted, but Matthew never appreciated it.

It came to the time that Matthew was 18, he was still not changing. He had a girlfriend that really loved him but he, as usual, never even tried to appreciate her. Everytime he was not with his girlfriend he would do some things that she would seriously not like.

Matthew, one night, was with his friends, in a bar. They all made themselves drunk, but not as drunk as Matthew was. He looks like he was nearly going to faint. He still insisted on driving himself home with no one.

While driving, he was so drunk that he couldn't see clearly. He accidentally bumped into a big truck. He died.

His parents, friends, and girlfriend found out about the accident 10 to 20 minutes after. They told the investigators that he gave them a text message that said, "I'm sorry to all of you." 5 minutes after the accident.

Matthew woke up in a place that was bright. The sky was clear and the surroundings was clean. He felt no pain, he felt like he was a baby. He felt innocent.

Then, he heard a voice say, "Matthew, my boy, tell me what have you done?"

"Who are you? Where am I?" Matthew answered.

"Answer me first."

"Sorry, I don't get you, what do you mean 'what I've done'?"

"What have you done in the time that was given to you? What did you do to your life?"

"I-I'm s-sorry. I w-wasn't thinking." Tears now fell from Matthew's eyes.

"Do you regret it?"

"I d-do! Please, I'm sorry! Forgive me!"

"Why say sorry to me? We just met now, say sorry to your parents, friends, and everyone you hurt."

"Let me go back. Just to say sorry. Please. I don't belong here!"

"You're time is done. I'm sorry to say but you just wasted it."

"But I don't belong here! Bring me back to where I really belong!"

"Are you sure that when I bring you back, you'll be sorry?"

"Yes, I-I promise!"

"They got your message and they have forgiven you. You can't go back anymore."


The voice never answered again. Matthew regretted everything he had done ever since he was a kid. Matthew then learned that he shouldn't have wasted his time while he was living.

The End

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