Journey from the end.

'So. What brings you here?'

She only asked because the silence needed breaking. She knew the reason already. She knew the reason, but she was intrigued as to the answer she would receive.

A few minutes passed, no reply. She would normally have left him to himself, but something was telling her to pursue this.

She probed a bit more.

'Sorry, tell me to mind my own business if you like, I was just wondering what you were doing up here?'

She received her answer quite emphatically. His look spoke volumes. 'Mind your own business' hung in the air, unsaid, but not unheard.

The minutes passed slowly. They both sat, side by side, but miles apart. 

'So... at least tell me your name.' 


'So, Jake... I'll try one more time'  She said with a grin, 'What brings you up top?'

'It's a long, long story.'

'They all are Jake, but I'm thinking we might have a long time together?'

The End

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