The queen dismissed us and we walked back to the Globe discussing our ‘plans’ for ‘arresting’ the Doctor.

“One thing I don’t get, is why she didn’t recognize you,” I stopped walking. “You’re the same person, right?”

“It’s complicated.” The Doctor stopped walking as well, a little ways ahead of me.

“Why is it complicated?”

“Because it is!”

“Either you are or you aren’t the same person, how complicated is that?”

“I am him, but with a different face.”


“Hmm,” The doctor thought for a minute. “I think I can show you.” He started walking away back towards the Tardis, I scurried to follow him.


            We ended up in front of the long rack of clothing that I had noticed earlier.

            “Why are we here?” I asked.

“These are all mine.” He took off the coat and scarf and hung them on the hanger marked #4.  He also took his brown tweed and bowtie from a hangar that I hadn’t noticed before marked #11. “Every one of my ‘faces’ has a signature look, I make sure to maintain that look at all times.”

I nod slowly.

            “So each person you have been has a different outfit, I see. Why are there two 10s? There was only one of you wasn’t there? isn’t there?” I fumbled the words.  At this statement the Doctors face scrunched up.

            “we-ell” he stretched out the word, shrugging.  

            “you were two people?” I was getting lost here.

            “Actually, I have been 11 people now.”

            “11 people. Right.” I said disbelieving.

            “Really, its how my people keep themselves from dying. It’s called regeneration. I change myself and become someone new. But, it’s still me, same brain-same mind, continuing on…” He got a far off look on his face. It was silent while I puzzled over what he had just said.

            “So… that’s why you look so young?” he nodded.

            “Okay.” I said.

            “You get it?” He asked. I nodded. The Doctor heaved a sigh, pushing his fingers through his hair. “Well, that was easy… well let’s find someone to play… me.” He smiled and grabbed the 10b suit. “Blue?” I stopped him,

            “let’s not get some poor guy in trouble, we can say we alredy have him in custody.”

            “Good idea.” He put the suit bac and strode our of the wardrobe.

            “Doctor!” I called after him, “what happened to the second you?”

            “Oh, he’s partially human, so he’s happily living out his days on a parallel world with… never mind.”

            “With who?”

            “Just this girl we knew.” He face betrayed nothing . This was by far the most interesting conversation I had ever had. And the strangest: Talking to a 900 year old man, who look only about 30,at the most. And he had a twin, or another self, on a parallel world! A thought occurred to me and I ran back to the wardrobe to grab a cloak. I swing it around my shoulders, catching up to the Doctor.

            “Let’s go see Hamlet.”


            The theatre was already filling up when we got there, the Doctor paid two shillings for us to get inside. We chose a spot on the floor near the stage and watched the theatre fill up.

            “It’s like a football stadium, everyone’s so loud!” I shouted over the increasing level of noise as more people walked into the Globe. Soon people were pressing in from all sides, the Doctor and I got shoved right up to the edge of the stage, my nose level with the players’ knees.

            “This is so cool!” I squealed. The torches were being lit and the stage began to glow. I started to get excited, jumping up and down. The Doctor stood still, grinning. The introducer walked onto center stage.

The End

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