We stood in front of Buckingham Palace; the Doctor had taken back his hat and scarf. The scarf was wrapped around his face several times and the fedora was low over his brow.

“You look suspicious.” I pointed out.

“I want to be sure that I won’t be recognized,” the Doctor replied tartly. I just shrugged and went to speak to the gate guard.

“Hello sir,” I said. “We would like to visit Her Majesty please. We’re old friends.” I stuck to the script that the Doctor and I had gone over on the way over.

“Do you have any form of identification?” The guard asked. I gave him the piece of blank paper that the Doctor had given me.  Praying that what the Doctor had said was true.

“This is psychic paper it shows people whatever I want them to see.”

The guard perused the piece of paper.

“Everything appears to be in order.” He said. I took the paper back.

“Welcome to England Sir; Lady.” The guard bowed to each of us in turn.  “I’ll send word ahead of you so that the queen knows you’re coming.”

“Thank you!” the Doctor said, striding forward. We walked quickly across the lawn and before I knew it, I was being asked to “please have a seat.” In the personal sitting room of Queen Elizabeth I. The Doctor sprawled comfortably in one of the fancy gilt chairs. I perched on the edge of the seat across from him, ready to leap to my feet at any moment. After a few minutes of charged silence, the Doctor leaned forward in his chair.

“Calm down,” he said quietly. “You’re supposed to be a member of the Royal Court: calm and composed… and a little bit snooty” He added with a smile. I sighed, relaxing into my seat a little.

“It’s so easy for you; you’re experienced in this sort of thing.”

“I may be experienced but you never really get used to it.”

“Still, this is my first time out of London!”

“We’re still in London.”

“It’s not the same!”

“It’s similar, I’d show you if we were out on the street.”

“You’ll have to show me then; I’m beginning to feel a little homesick.”

“Homesick my dear?” a new voice entered into our conversation. I leaped to my feet and executed a low curtsy. The Doctor also got to his feet and bowed. The Queen looked at him suspiciously in his hat and scarf for a moment then turned to me.

“You mustn’t feel too terrible, dear. I’m sure you’ll see your home again soon.” She said. “Now, to business, the guard said that you were old friends of mine, I think it must be very old, because I do not remember, but you two aren’t old enough for that. “ The queen turned back to the Doctor. “I do not like to be deceived. Who are you really?” The Doctor smiled warmly at the queen and spread his arms

“I am Sir John Smith, and this is the Lady Allison,” he gestured grandly in my direction. I stared in wonder, this strange man, was lying straight to the face of Queen Elizabeth I! She didn’t buy it for a moment.

“Hm,” was all she said. After a few minutes of awkward silence the queen began to speak once again.

“Allison, Mr. Smith,” She said, omitting our titles. “It was nice to meet you, but now you must leave this palace, I am very busy. My guards have alerted me that my Greatest Enemy has appeared once again.”

“Who is your Greatest Enemy your majesty?” I asked.

“A man called the Doctor.” At her words I glanced at my companion. He seemed unworried about his new label. I shook my head and turned to go out of the door. The Doctor held out his hand to stop me, he gave me a wink and turned back to the queen.

“How do you know this man is here” He asked.

“My guards saw his ship near the Globe Theatre. They are on the lookout for him at this moment. He must be caught and eradicated before tonight’s premiere of Hamlet this evening.” A fierce gleam lit up the Queen’s eyes. “He’s a wanted man.” The Doctor was nodding his head, seemingly very interested in what the queen had to say. An Idea suddenly occurred to the Queen.  “Mr. Smith, why don’t you find him? I know he’s here. I am giving you the duty of finding him and bringing him here.” The Doctor’s eyebrows raised and he adjusted his hat.

“I suppose… I could heep an eye out for him… what does he look like?”

I suppressed the urge to giggle and glanced at the Doctor,  I could see that he was having some trouble keeping his face blank as well.

“He has short hair, he wears clothes not of this era.” At this the queen examined the Doctor’s own outfit.  “Much like you actually. He’s tall and walks around as if he owns the world. He will stand out, you won’t be able to miss him.” I watched the Doctor as she described him. I wondered why she didn’t just arrest him on the spot, the description was right-on.

The End

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